hi im mahesh i have seen a ford escort 1997 model their

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hi ,im mahesh, i have seen a ford escort 1997 model & their price is 50k & features are power steering,scracthless,ac,deck,good condition how much can i pay for this & how will be the maintainence,what mileage can i expect thanks
  • 4484 day(s) ago by Mahesh
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dont buy that car..the sales service is very worst of Ford..and now the indian govt. is planning to banned the car which is 12-15 years old

Posted: 4483 day(s) ago

Hi Mahesh,

First thing with ford is the cost of spares are expensive when it is compared with Maruti Suzuki.

Secondly you need to check locally for the availability of spares. sometimes even the Ford Authorised service centre may not stock spares.

Thirdly, Find a good mechanic who is expert in handling ford vehicles if you wish to not to go for the authorized service centre.

Now, the other side.

Iam using Ford Ikon for the past three months. In my opinion the suspension is best in its class so if the suspension of Ford Escort is from McPherson then the suspension must be good (provided the previous owner has maintained it properly).

As far as the mileage is concerned you must get around 9 to 10 kmpl in city driving and 11 to 12 in highway driving. I suggest you to convert the vehicle to LPG or CNG kit depending upon the one that is available in your area.

Depending on the features you have mentioned

Scratchless, AC, Power Steering, Deck, good condition. Here we need to consider the fact that the model was discontinued. Based on all the above points If I were buying this car I would pay 40k to 45k.


Posted: 4483 day(s) ago

Hi, the price is OK if at all the vehicle is in the condition as same as you furnished, to renew the a/c it will cost you about the car price, p/s, p/w every thing will be due for o/h or renewal so i) you must have a good parking place, ii) if you have a passion for that excellent car allot 30k per annum for pucca maintenance and it will be as good as a new one.BUT REALLY IT IS A GREAT CAR TO USE YAAR.


Posted: 4483 day(s) ago

Javed Mirza
hI mAHESH. I am looking to buy a ford escort myself. I will appretiate if you could give me the contact of the person seeling this car. Hope you are in mumbai. Can you pls call me?
Javed 9820663377.

Posted: 4473 day(s) ago

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