hello experts I have installed lovato cng kit in

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hello experts,
I have installed lovato cng kit in my accent executive 12,000 kms before from today,I am satisfied with performance,mileage etc.Now its time to get my car serviced from hyundai A.S.C.so,pls guide me what are the must things to do in servicing so that cng conversion will keep me happy atleast upto next 10,000 kms.(like changing spark plug/cleaning fuel pump or whatever work which is advisable to maintain car in cng mode ssatisfactorily.)
Thnx in advance.
  • 2374 day(s) ago by Swapnil
Under: Hyundai Accent #Cars
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Youu don't have to do anything special to maintain CNG car just get it service like u do for petrol car.Clean spark plugs regularly as CNG requires more current than petrol preferably buy new one and get them adjusted for more current from a CNG fitter.

Posted: 2374 day(s) ago

As mentioned above,it would good enough to keep the car serviced regularly as per schedule. Also Check for difference in performance such as cold starting problems,reduction in pulling capacity etc.In such cases recommended to get the car inspected from mechanics.

Posted: 2373 day(s) ago

Zaid Kazi
I have a problem inside my CNG kit...
its making weird sounds...
like something popping.. also is it necessary to change the plug every time you service.. i had my CNG kit serviced three months ago and less than 5000 km traveled.. so what the prob.. I don't really trust the CNG services in my city..
Every time I go they tell to change the spark plugs.. they is they are faulty.. but I feel if they really were, won't the car even start?? I am new to cars and then I have CNG.. please advice

Posted: 2341 day(s) ago

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