I want to know what is the difference between petrol car

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I want to know what is the difference between petrol car and diesel car.total difference like maintainance,resale value ,pick up,power etc if you know any other difference plz mention it.thankyou
  • 2326 day(s) ago by Pravin
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If you drive atleast 1500km/month then u can go for Diesel car, if less than 1500km/month then go for Petrol car.

Morden Diesel cars are easy to maintain, they are slightly expensive by 15-20% more than petrol cars on maintenance.

Diesel cars have more Torque and less power...petrol cars have more power and less torque.

Posted: 2326 day(s) ago

Maintenance: today's Diesel engines have been quite well and maintenance cost and working itself is reliable and comparable to petrol with just little more than it.
Resale: Depends upon the make and vehicle, Say swift diesel fetches better price than its petrol version. With rising petrol prices people opting for diesels has certainly risedn its resale too.
Pick up: Diesel Engines are fixed with Turbo to deliver the acceleration. Petrol engines from 1000rpm to its redline 6000rpm(mostly) delivers the torque linearly and you get more power and torque as you accelerate.
Diesel being turbo driven, you receive the torque at 2000 or earlier rpms which makes it better in pick up.
Power: Mostly same displacement petrol and diesel engines, petrol engines has better power and more fun to drive factor being a spirit.
Efficiency: diesel engines are more fuel efficient than petrol engines.

Posted: 2326 day(s) ago

Please check review below an dother reviews in auto guides for detailed analysis in this regard.

Posted: 2326 day(s) ago

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