Hi I would like to buy petrol lpg cng car as petrol

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I would like to buy petrol/lpg/cng car as petrol prices are going up these days. by budget is 5.5 lacks.as i am starter, is it a best way to buy a new one or old one.my requirement will be 1000 kml per month.somebody saying that hundai company santro LPG is having lot of issue the only maruti vehicles are having good success rate with lpg kit.

please suggest me the best one for me?

Thanks in advance
  • 2365 day(s) ago by Sekhar Kuruva
Under: Hyundai Santro Xing #Cars
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Jayendra Atre
Whether you are a first timer or not, buying a new is always the best option. You can never predict how a used machine will behave. So, if you are planning to invest 5.5 lacs on the car, i will recommend that that you either go for Hyundai i10, Skoda Fabia, or Volkswagen Polo. I have driven all of these cars and I think you will be happy with any of them.
Skoda and Volkswagen cars are very powerful and extremely safe. First time user, why power? Well, you will become a master in 3 months and then, if your car is not able to give you the driving pleasure, you will repent. Think about it.
Now, you may have heard that Skoda's mileage is a problem. It's no more the case as now you get Skoda with Volkswagen engines. Finally, you have to make the final decision. :)
My final note: German manufacturing and engines are better than anything else. (Skoda/Volkswagen)

Posted: 2365 day(s) ago

Ravinder Singh
Maruti Suzuki
Dear go for a New Car with Diesel engine as your requirement is about 1000 Km per month as u told. Go for Maruti Swift or Ritz Vdi becasue of first time purchase should be pleasure for everyone which give only maruti suzuki products in India. Secondly if you want technology than go for Fiat Punto, really really great car to drive

Posted: 2365 day(s) ago

Buy a good used car that is not too old master your driving skills then make the kill - buy the car that suits you most.
Maruti makes good cheap cars but you have the feeling you are sitting in a empty box which bounces. If you really want VIP treatment walk into any GM show room.

Posted: 2365 day(s) ago

Maruti Suzuki
Baleno (1999-2007)
As Mr. Venkateshvaram suggested, if u want to buy a used CNG company fitted car, I have a Maruti Baleno 2005 in a beautiful condition car to offer. I am based in Delhi. U can call me on 9810738520

Posted: 2364 day(s) ago

boss i will suggest you to go for tata indica diesel

Posted: 2364 day(s) ago

In the range and requirments entioned, A diesel version car like Indica eV2 would be idealselection.Advantage are the long term utility,mileage,easy of availability of fuel ,interiro space. If prefering DUO version car, worth going for Maruti Suzuki Wwagon R DUO.

Posted: 2364 day(s) ago

Prashant Morparia
Maruti has two types of DUO cars - those which have Petrol + LPG and others which use Petrol + CNG. The LPG tank is small and easily fits in the boot. But you may not have a very big advantage in terms of fuel efficiency. In the CNG car, the CNG tank is quite big and eats up the whole boot space. It makes it very inconvenient to remove the spare wheel when required. Another negative is CNG pumps are very few in most cities and you may need to go far for re-fuelling. But the CNG cars give you a a good fuel efficiency and price of CNG is quite reasonable. Wagon R and Zen Estillo are quite reliable and proven cars using dual fuels.

Another option which you can think of (since your monthly run is about 1000 kms) - you can go in for Chevrolet Beat deisel or Indica Vista deisel or Maruti Ritz Deisel. Beat has new generation looks, good fuel efficiency and sitting space comparable to Wagon R or Santro. The Indica Vista has all this and Tata has a good service network too. In fact you will be able to get Maruti Ritz deisel LDI for around 5.5 Lacs on road, with the present discounts going on. That may be a better option for you since you get Maruti's service back up, good fuel efficiency and no botheration of LPG/CNG availability or lack of boot space.

Posted: 2364 day(s) ago

1. Please donot buy used car with dual fuel (petrol+LPG), because you donot know the reliability of the LPG/CNG kit in it. If only petrol car, than you can go for buying used petrol car from True value / Mahindra First choice.

2. 1000km / month is good travelling and hence you can look for new car as well. It will be better as for new cars generally you will not have any maintainence issue for atleast 2 years (25k kms). Petrol car if you are looking go for i20 and diesel than go for Indigo eCS / Vista / eV2.

3. If looking for DUO, yes there is no choice but wangon R DUO which is proven. But please donot drive continuosly your car on LPG / CNG. In this case you need to maintain a habit of driving atleast 25% of your total travel n petrol. e.g. if you go for 300 kms than you should drive atleast 100 kms on petrol to avoid wear and tear of engine parts.

4. Generally look for petrol vehicle with mileage of 17-20 kmpl for petrol cars. This will give you running cost of 3.8 to 4.2 kms/liter, which is good for 1000 km/month. Also petrol car have better resale values (less depriciation) and lastly price difference between petrol car and diesel car is around 1.0 lacs which is more than cost you save on diesel car running at 1000 km/month.

Posted: 2364 day(s) ago

Om Godse
hey Sekhar Kuruva any car purchase but do not purcase advice given by RAJESH NARULA Owner of Maruti Suzuki Baleno because no spares are easily available and do not purchasd any outdated model go any runnig model go for indica indigo or i 10

Posted: 2361 day(s) ago

RK Dagar
Mr. Sekhar you can go for i-10 CNG. Value for Money car with good performance, power, mileage and comfort as well.

Posted: 2357 day(s) ago

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