Hi Having unfortunately just purchased a Hyundai i20 5

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Having unfortunately just purchased a Hyundai i20 5 door comfort car I am very dissapointed in the fuel efficiency of this vehicle. At 32 miles per gallon on motorway driving the fuel efficiency is 50% below stated by Hyundai. This is based on correct tyre inflation. good weather and straight and level highway driving. Have you any suggestions as to what the problem might be with this vehicle. An answer would be much appreciated, thank you.
kind regards

  • 2366 day(s) ago by Alex
Under: Hyundai i20 #Miscellaneous
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Rraj Chatterjii
Hi Alex,

Fuel efficiency is highly dependent on the driving style apart from the engine capacity. If your car is new you will get lesser ( not 50% obviously ) mileage till the 2nd service.

Please follow the pointers below and I'm sure these will help you to get better mileage :
1. Avoid rash accelerating. Try to drive between 70-80 km/hr speed till you reach 1000 km or mentioned as per the manual.
2. Try to maintain same speed as far as possible. What I mean is don't vary your speed too much and maintain a consistent speed.
3. Use clutch only for changing gears and not other ways. Use the clutch as minimum as possible.
4. Slow down by putting your gear in neutral when you see a red signal from far or see the back red light of the car which is in front of yours.
5. Do not suddenly leave the clutch and accelerate after changing the gear. leave the clutch smoothly, let the engine go of it's own for 2/3 second and then accelerate as required.
6. Refuel from a reputed petrol pump and try to buy fuel from that same petrol pump every time you buy petrol.

Hope this helps.

happy Motoring



Posted: 2366 day(s) ago

Surinder Singh
Some days back, i have an annotation there that korean cars esepcially hyndai are not fuel efficient cars. As i was away, my son bought Santro without asking me, now he is repenting too. And moreover,the power sterling is hard and so far they could not set it right. But try to get the petrol filled from the government filling stations, no other option. On red lights if the timing is more, turn off the car and restart. But where the timing of red light is less, do not turn off the car.

Posted: 2366 day(s) ago

Hi, This is very unfortunate that ur car is giving less than 50% of the actual avg. My Ritz petrol is giving almost 14 in city condition without AC and 13 with AC. My advise to you is get your car checked in service centre. Even before 1st or 2nd servicing it should give at least 65-70% of actual avg.

Posted: 2366 day(s) ago

Alex is getting a milage of of around 10.4kms per litre of petrol ,in actual driving conditions hyundai i20 gives an average milage of 12.4 kmpl i.e around 11kmpl in city and 15-16kmpl on highways ,so i dont think there is very high difference if the car is driven with slightly more caution and as advised by others there is nothing to worry .the milage of 32is in miles i dont know how that has been calculated as most of the cars in india are on kmpl basis.

Posted: 2365 day(s) ago

The average of hyundai i20 is no doubt less because of its performance.If it was fitted with lpg or cng kit then it would cost mush lesser than petrol!

Posted: 2365 day(s) ago

M Sagayaraja
nice every body say that the average is comparatively less pl follow the instructions and kindly inform me the after effect
i have i 10,

Posted: 2365 day(s) ago

Check the review below for detailed analysis of getting best of mileage.Also recommended to check with dealer for inspection with test drive.

Posted: 2364 day(s) ago

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