i have a maruti new wagon r vxi his mileage in highway is

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i have a maruti new wagon r vxi,his mileage in highway is 15km/pl and in city is 12/13 km/pl. I want to know the average mileage of new wagon r in practical condition of other new wagon r
  • 2346 day(s) ago by Gian
Under: Maruti Suzuki Wagon R #Cars
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Dk Bose
Well as mentioned by u his milage is not right and he seems to be a naughty fellow ,why dont you i.e( it )try to control his behaviour by taking him to the doctor.

Posted: 2346 day(s) ago

Mileage you are getting is quite ok.It can be improved slightly with getting serviced as per schedule and keeping in best of condition.

Posted: 2345 day(s) ago

Sasi Menon
I used to have a Wagon R in 2004-7 and it used to give me 12-13kmpl in city and about 17kmpl on the highway. So, I guess what you are getting is quite fine. Remember that the Wagon R is geared a little low to produce more torque, so you can (and should) change to a higher gear early. You may get a better mileage this way. The Wagon R is a good car with good all round performance. Enjoy the car!

Posted: 2345 day(s) ago

You Can't get the mileage more than 15 to 16 kmpl in a long drive in new model Wagon R. The earlier model has got 3kmpl more mileage.I must say there is a mileage problem in new Wagon R.

Posted: 2345 day(s) ago

Anand Joshi
Maruti Suzuki
Wagon R
I think it purely depends on your driving skills to get a good mileage. The new Wagon R certainly a better fuel efficient car compared to old version. I own it and even after one year the average is 14 Kms in crowded city of Bangalore and 18+ during long driving (without AC). Nevertheless, kindly study some tips on this aspect and I hope certainly you will get benefited.

Posted: 2344 day(s) ago

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