I want to buy a good car with highest mileage with highest

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I want to buy a good car with highest mileage with highest safety, comfort and service. I do not need leather seat. I do not want to buy Hyundai and Maruti. I wanted to buy Honda Jazz X which I could not as Honda is not taking any booking. Please advise me whether Volks Polo and Vento are really good in mileage and smooth driving. By the by I drive Fiat Siena (Imported) now which is very smooth while I am disturbed with Fiat - TATA service.

Please advise me.
  • 2408 day(s) ago by Abhijit Bhattacharyya
Under: Honda Jazz #Cars
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Robin Sam
Nissan, Skoda & Volkswagen's are good company but maintenance & spare part cost is quite high.Plus limited dealers & service centers. Skoda & VW also share the same engine. There are many chances, Volkswagen will introduce rectified versions of Vento & polo due to new in market nature. When that happens Skoda too will introduce the rectified versions of their vehicle due to using the same engine of VW. Nissan too will do the same . So till then if you want to go for improving or beta versions then go ahead but remember you're one who is going to suffer.New vehicle from new company means chances of improvement is quite high in near future for such vehicle . Better go for already proved versions. But sadly most of the people won't consider this & blindly follow big brand tag even if its in improvement stage. I would suggest Fiat linea or Fiat Punto for its highest mileage with highest safety,comfort & service. Fiat's service has been quite improved due to their latest launch like Punto & Linea. Fiat's are taking their customers seriously. They are providing them with excellent after-sale service.Fiat's are offering their customers with long service interval of 15000km.

Posted: 2408 day(s) ago

Robin Sam
Hey fiat Siena is a good car that's why it is running smooth till now. As you told you are disturbed with Fiat-Tata service, there is nothing to blame them as Fiat Siena's production was stopped long back in India & because of this availability of spare part or service could be a little problem but Fiat tries their best to provide excellent service & spare parts availability to their discontinued vehicle . This is not a problem with Fiat- tata only but manufactures like maruti who discontinued the production of Maruti 800, Esteem, Baleno & Versa, but still most of the people go for Maruti-Suzuki.
Hyundai too discontinued Verna(2008,2009,2010), Elantra, Sonata Embera, Tucson, Getz etc.
Ford also discontinued the production of Ikon & Fusion. Honda too discountinued the production of old City, CR-v, Accord.
All this manufacturers discontinued their vehicle & many of their customers whose car has got phased out or production stopped, has to face problem with service & unavailability of spare- part.
You can consider Fiat Punto or Linea for its excellent durability & reliability.


Posted: 2408 day(s) ago

Robin Sam
Fiat Grande Punto would be the best option. Engines is refined, fuel efficient, Low maintenance, long service interval of 15000km, best driving dynamics & suspension setup.

Innovation & technologies are superb:-

1. Blue & Me Powered by Microsoft enables you to answer your mobile phone and read out SMS through voice command.

2. Controlled Area Network (CAN) with seven microchips. A feature usually available only in large luxury sedans.

3. Drive-by-Wire throttles to provide greater responsiveness for better precision and efficiency.

4. Programmable Speed Limit Indicator

5. Programmable Follow Me Home headlamps that switch off anytime upto 3 ¢ minutes after you get off your Linea.

6. Drive away immediately on starting the engine even during early morning starts. The advanced 32-bit microprocessor is programmed for automatic cold start and engine warm up.Hence there is no need to warm the engine by keeping thcar idle. Just drive away gently without accelerating too much.

7.Trip calculator,Mileage indicator, Distance to empty.

8.Fire prevention System {FPS)

9.Double Crank Prevention System{prevents turning the key when the engine is running)

10.Rolling code Immobilizer:- which is a superb security system. Every time automatically the code changes when u insert the key.(This technology is found in high-end vehicles)

11.Desmodronic Foldable Key.

12.ABS With EBD

13. 3 point ELR Seat Belts with Pretensioners & Load Limiter

14. Crash Severity Algorithm (CSA) to recognize the severity of impact and deploy the dual front airbags accordingly

15. Dual stage airbags with Early Crash Sensor (ECS). Unlike the traditional system, this allows airbags to unfold completely before the occupants can hurtle towards the steering wheel

16. Programmable Check Service System to remind you when your car is due for service.

17. High Quality Heavy Metal Body for passenger protection.Fiat cares for customers life.

18. In Euro Ncap safety Test, Punto & linea was awarded with 5-star safety rating.

19. Excellent Suspension System. No other manufacturer offers such a top notch ride quality. driving dynamics in this segment.


Posted: 2408 day(s) ago

Punto will be the best option in terms of safety, comfort ,reliability & fuel- efficiency. Check this link & see wat the experts & people say

Posted: 2408 day(s) ago

vw polo is a best car but there are no interior features sterring is very hard and engine is not smooth, when you look at an nissan micra light steering and fuel refinment is also nise my suggesation is to weight for an few months hyundai i10 diesel comming and i30 also introduced

Posted: 2408 day(s) ago

Fiat Grande Punto would be the best alternative.The detailed comments are provided in other comments by Robin Sam.

Posted: 2407 day(s) ago

Abhijit Bhattacharyya
Hi Santosh, Shiva and Robin, Thanks a lot for your kind advices. Truly speaking, I wanted to buy of Fiat Linea Emotion in my dream. I have seen one of my friend driving Punto very smoothly. However, I like sedan as it has more space. Can anyone honestly tell me the city mileage of both Linea and Punto? Because this time I shall give weightage to mileage first. I am grateful to all of you for your kind advice.

Posted: 2406 day(s) ago

In city Fiat Linea gives 14km/l & in highway 19km/L+ While Punto delivers 20km/L+ in highway.

In the break-in period the first 5000km are the most important or critical. Maintaining speed-limit of 50 to 60km/hr in this 5000km would help to achieve excellent fuel efficiency & engine long life.Fuel consumption increases at speeds above 60 km/h.If possible avoid crowded roads or heavy traffic routes.Proper break-in operation during this time will help ensure maximum life & performance.Maximum use of top gear like 4th gear & 5th gear. Try not to cross 60km/hr in this 5000km period.
Avoid straining the car too much like sudden acceleration, sudden braking, minimum use of top gear like 4th or 5th gear. All this are the factors that could affect new engine's performance in the long-run.
There are people who are even getting unimaginable fuel efficiency of 25km/L in fiat's multi-jet engine.

Posted: 2406 day(s) ago

Grande Punto
Hi! I own a punto and practical figures of city drive mileage ranges from 16kmpl to 14 kmpl with ac depending how much idling ac u use. City drives spirited driving during break-in period with ac at worst gave me 13kmpl. But after 2services I never got below 14kmpl and most of the time its 16kmpl.
Highways I often get 22kmpl when driven at speeds between 80-100 kmph and sensible breaking with ac. Below 80 and above 120 mileage differs.
I tested once on highways cruising at 80 without ac and breaking sensibly got a mileage of 32kmpl. So how u drive matters a lot. Once cruised my punto at 150kmph (feels like a solid tank) and got a mileage of 18kmpl with ac on highways.

Posted: 2406 day(s) ago

Ravishankar S
If you are looking for the highest safety for you and your family, then FIAT Punto it is. It has the EURO NCAP 5 star rating of safety which means that its safe under collision from all sides..Only Punto and i20 have this in their segment. But the Punto is far better performing car in all other respects of build, ride handling and price..So go for Punto..

Posted: 2405 day(s) ago

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