hi i want to buy a used car i have seen a lancer

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hi i want to buy a used car, i have seen a lancer 2001model the car condition is good as far as looks & performance but it as driven 70,000kms so i'm confused whether to buy or not tell me if i buy at wat rice to buy&will the car perform good after 1lakh-kms plz suggest me something
  • 3754 day(s) ago by Naveen
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Its quite obvious that there will be decrease in performance after 1 lac km due to wear out of spare parts. at the same time it wont affect much if maintenance is done regularly and worn parts are replaced.
2001 lancer with 70k km mileage if available within 2.5 to 2.7 Lac then it should be a fair deal.

Posted: 3753 day(s) ago

Shyam Arora
hi !
i have purchased a second hand lancer 2000 model slx i for 2 lakhs . It has done aprox 65 000 kms,and handled well during the trial runs . At this milage the car is due for a complete check up,and does require a change in all oils and filters plus and an under body check. Which revealed a leak from the gearbox,and when opened it required a replacement of main oil seal , clutch bearing ,clutch and pressure plates , All these oils had water in them so the car may have been flooded in the 2005 july floods.. So please please check the car for damage due to water logging and also the condition of gear box oil I had to spend 15 000 for repairs and am also aprehensive of more to come !
regards shyam !

Posted: 3753 day(s) ago

You can find in google that the first criteria to select a old car is to see how much it travel,whether it is petrol or diesel.
1)Diesel should be selected carefully with more than 35000 km after which maintenance cost & cold starting problem starts.Diesel vehicle once major accident is of no use most of the time.
Petrol vehicle you can run upto 70000 km efficiently and more mileage than diesel.
2)See the company make. It must be branded company.
3)If you short of money and travelling on highway only, selec diesel vehicle. City no guarantee
4)If no money problem and travelling both city and highway,select petrol.
5)Then see with little or zero additional investment,you are getting luxury vehicle. Best thing is to search on own.
You can see the rich people use petrol for their use to avoid maintenance and diesel vehicles for travelling customers on highway.
If you are looking for more information or need vehicle,you can mail me as many engineers are going to US in our company for many months and i can suggest car if something is available.

Posted: 3752 day(s) ago

hi want to buy a used car, i prefer sedan type my range is 2-3lk, my preference goes for lancer or old Honda city v-tech or boleno or any other car in this range. i want the car to be in good condition,if any one is selling the car plz mail me ur car details & along with ur details to my id-navin38@gmail.com

Posted: 3752 day(s) ago

I deal with the used cars. Pl. call me 9810480217

Posted: 3751 day(s) ago

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