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Of which
1 Owner answer INDICA V2 2010 Model Problems: I bought an Indica DLS V2 last year (Aug). Since delivery the vehicle cant' climb uphills properly (it require great effort and clutch strain. I brought the matter before 1st service to the dealer and they told its due to low rpm and adjustd. Again I had this problem and on first service they changed the clutch plate (with no cost. There was slight improvement but the issue remained the same. I am new to cars and especially diesel cars. I generally had rough driving experience in my car (I have driven other indicas with better performance)During second service also I raised the problem and they said its common in Indica and one cant expect more from it !!!!. On third service I insisted on checking the pump, they said the no problem with the pump and its ok !. Now the vehicle clocked 10650 kms and the problem got worse, an outside diesel mechanic detected the pump problem and advised me to go to the dealer, this time I raised the problem severely and they're now repairing the pump for free, and asking me to pay for a worn out clutch plate if need to replace !!!

My questions are:

1) Will this persistent problem from the very beginning of the delivery of the vehicle damage the life of the engine ?

2) How effective is a diesel pump repair ?

3) How can I make the dealer answerable to his irresponsibility ? unfortunately, I have not maintained any papers provided by them other than the present job order, I want to sue him so that this wont happen to any other client of him. Will I get the vehicle complaint history from any source - any other dealer by entering my vehicle number in the software ?

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Tata Indica Please note that the engine gets off when on 1st gear, soon after releasing the clutch (need to abnormally hold the clutch to move - due to lack of power)

Posted: 20 hrs ago

  • 2361 day(s) ago by Anand
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Best solution lies in writing to dealer General manager and copy to regional manager of Tata motors.They will surely help for getting proper remedy to the kind of problem.You can get complete history of maintenance at dealer and any authorised service centers.

Posted: 2361 day(s) ago

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