what is the meaning and difference between hatchback and

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what is the meaning and difference between hatchback and seden?
  • 3457 day(s) ago by Velu
Under:   #Cars
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John Koshy
Hi Mr. Velu,
The Seden car means the car has bonnet & dicky
(ex. Ambassador).
The Hatchback car means the car has only bonnet
no dicky (ex. Maruti-800, Alto, Santro, Hyundai-i10, WagonR,Zen, Zen Estilo etc....)

Also, please note that there are 3 types:
Sedan, Hatchback & Notchback
Notchback (ex: Maruti Dezire- latest model)
Hope you got it !!!!!!!

Posted: 3456 day(s) ago

Sakthi Ganesh
hatchback is which open upwards at back side its like hatching whereas sedan mdel will also open but its seperate hatchback may be a sedan too like indigo marina tata estate etc most of the cub cars are hatchback hope u understand

Posted: 3456 day(s) ago

Hatch back can also be grouped as small cars. The features of a hatchback include smaller chassis dimensions,seating space and luggage space included in single body shell or seperate as in Ambassador.In hatch back once you open rear door or dicky door you can have access to interiors and also luggage space can be increased by folding or removing rear seats.For a conventional Sedan boot capacity will be more with seperate luggage space ie dicky,lenght of chassis or body shell will be longer than 4000 mm.

Posted: 3456 day(s) ago

The car which does not have boot is known as Hatchback car, where as the car which has boot is known as seden.

Posted: 3456 day(s) ago

Rohit Sharma
sedan=4 door car
coupe=2 door car
hatchback=no back truck just back glass door u can call 5th door as welll

Posted: 3456 day(s) ago

what is notchback?

Posted: 2648 day(s) ago

Clement Joseph
Hi Chandan,
'Notchback' is a term describing a car body style - especially where the third box (boot) is short.

Posted: 2647 day(s) ago

Mayur Panchal
sedan means which car have dicky and hatchback have not dicky.

Posted: 2346 day(s) ago

Car with sharply sloping roof: a car with a sloping roof that drops sharply to the beginning of the trunk. See also hatchback

Posted: 2078 day(s) ago

hello all ,
but some case persons uses one car both words like sedan & hatchback ...please tell me how???

Posted: 2028 day(s) ago

innova is a hatchback car or not ??

Posted: 2020 day(s) ago

innova is a hatchback dude

Posted: 1919 day(s) ago


Posted: 1857 day(s) ago

Well innova is MPV

Posted: 1819 day(s) ago

hi this hatchback vs sedan is very useful information. thanks

Posted: 1811 day(s) ago

innova is not MPV its MUV Multy Utility Vehicle

Posted: 1791 day(s) ago

WTF man I'm confused.. Never had a car before finding it hard to understand..

Posted: 1789 day(s) ago

All above are miss leading

Posted: 1666 day(s) ago

Innove is actually a SUV that has the characteristics of a sedan

Posted: 1635 day(s) ago

Sedans are not that high and the comfort is more while hatchbacks are built a bit taller.

Posted: 1635 day(s) ago

Mridul Das
wtf u guys r rely fake.innova is a hatchback type of car but it is a SUV.

Posted: 1490 day(s) ago

Mridul Das
wtf innova is SUV BUT HATCHBACK.

Posted: 1490 day(s) ago

what is mean by SUV

Posted: 1262 day(s) ago

suv- means sports utility vechicle

Posted: 1261 day(s) ago

Sedan - have both bonnet and dicky,Eg: Accent, Tata Indigo.
Hatchback - Only bonnet, eg: Ritz, 800,Alto,Tata Indica
SUV - Sports utility vehicle eg: Innova, Xylo, Tavera, bolero etc.,

Hope its useful.

Posted: 996 day(s) ago

Puja K
sedan -long premium car with separate dicky.eg -amaze,dezire,honda city,ciaz,verna.
hatchback-with 5th door.boot space attached to the rear seat.its not separated but attached.

Posted: 974 day(s) ago

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