Hi Experts Im thinking to buy Sedan wthin

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Hi Experts,
Im thinking to buy Sedan wthin 13l.i want to know 1thing,is it possible to buy a car in india having left side steering as in us cars,i worked in us for 6yrs so im interested , my choices are in jetta or cruze or vento wth left side steering,is it possible to buy such type of cars.pls advice me
  • 2419 day(s) ago by Vijay
Under: Volkswagen Jetta #Cars
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Ravishankar S
You will need special permission from RTO and special driving skills to use left hand drive in India. Even with these skills it would still be dangerous. Also you would have to import the car. So in the best interests I would say learn to drive right handed. Its not that difficult. Jetta, Cruze and Vento are good choices. But so is the FIAT Linea. Its performance in all respects is on par or greater with the other European sedans but is considerably cheaper..My firt choice would be it..since its value for money..

Posted: 2419 day(s) ago

As per new rules of RTO, the LHD vehicles can not be registered in India. There is a lot of procedure before LHD cars can be even submitted to RTO for type approval. May not be feasible.

Posted: 2418 day(s) ago

Maruti Suzuki
Sir, it is not possible in India simply because Traffic rule in India is different to that of US. In India, people are advised to walk always left while in US ,it is in right side.In India, overtaking in right side is allowed but overtaking in left side is officially illegal though both takes place in Indian Roads.

Posted: 2418 day(s) ago

RTO wont give permission unless its for special purpose vehicles such as Cranes,Earth moving equipments etc which run at very slow speed while on road.with suitable measures as suggested by RTO.20 years down the time it could have been used easily due to low traffic conditions.However with prsent scenario it wont be possible and wont be recommendable to opt for LH drive cars in India due to difficulty in handling of the same in heavy and high speed traffic conditions where visibility is highly affected with LH drives.

Posted: 2418 day(s) ago

John S
Wow man! you are from US?? !!!! That too for 6 Years!?? Get real dude!.. I can safely assume that you must have been in India for at least 20 years before that. Did you go and ask any US Forum that you wanted to import an RH Ambassador or Premier from India?? Again, I can very safely assume NOT. Why create the fuss when you come to India then??? India is home to great cars today. If you still want to be on the Left hand side, I suggest you get a driver and sit in the passenger seat at front! Also, with your six years experience in the States, it would be dangerous for drivers in India, as you would 'instinctively' tend to drive on the right side of the road, dreaming of your US days. Wake Up Man!

Posted: 2418 day(s) ago

Raju Srivastav
While in Rome be like a Roman- buy a Willis jeep that is the only popular vehicle available in good numbers though you may term it antiqie. LHD is dangerous as you will not be able to see on coming traffic. I doubt that you are a genuine case as any foreign return will naver speak from his rear. I mean Rear engine cars are also there like Nano.

Posted: 2416 day(s) ago

Mr Partha I like your poise but may I add that we drive on the left side of the Road but it is advisable to walk on the Right side (opp side) of the road. This may be because we can see the on coming traffic and for the fair sex there will be nonsense from from passing vehicles. Thanks.

Posted: 2416 day(s) ago

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