I am just planning to buy a new bike I like Royal Enfield

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I am just planning to buy a new bike I like Royal Enfield Bullet but by seeing petrol price just I am confused what to do , I am an collage student just I have completed my BMS studies I am going for my MBA , I not so rich , I belong from middle class family , I am also doing part time job , bullet is my dream bike but my all friend and family just saying no to bullet my heart says yes but my boket says no , all are saying to purchase hero Honda hunk , just I don't want to listen them, bullet means bullet just advice me what to do and yes advice me as a friend not as professional company member. just help me
  • 2395 day(s) ago by Suraj Sigh
Under: Royal Enfield  #Bikes
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The advantage of RE bikes is the long time reliability of order of 15 years.The petrol price is always bound to increase.Mileage of 40KMPL can be reliable with Bullet.The point to be considered is the initial investment.There is huge difference in investment for new 150 cc bikes and RE 350 cc bikes.RE bikes were earlier had best of on road image.Owning a RE bike was considered to be a luxury and would give heroic image. The engine sound itself would make the difference. Also in earlier years the number of options were very less.
However though RE bikes still get the same attraction, with availability of so many other options ranging from 100,125,150 cc bikes even more, there could be no proper justification in investing huge sum of hard earned money on New RE bikes.Not to forget the waiting period ranges from 8 months onwards.

Considering overall parameters best thing would be to go for 125 or 150 cc bikes as convenient.Hero Hunk is also a good choice worth considering.

Posted: 2395 day(s) ago


Try Suzuki Gs150r, 6-speed. Mileage 55-67 km/l.

Posted: 2395 day(s) ago

Safari Dicor
suraj my opinion is a bit different from what has been written earlier by experts,if ur heart says bullet then go for it only coz a person who loves royal enfield will never be satisfied by other bikes ,u might try to control ur emotions right now and go for any other bike but will never be happy owning it and will definitely repent later.bullet is not just a bike but an emotion which only few people who
have the time and passion for vehicles can afford,bullets are not meant for just commuting from one place to other and this can be understood by only those who are bitten by the automobile bug

Posted: 2394 day(s) ago

Deepam Morparia
Maruti Suzuki
Agree with Shiv Shankar & also Rajiv.

Suggest you try Pulsar 220 & / or Avenger.

They are comparitively cheaper & also quite powerful to give the thrill.

Posted: 2394 day(s) ago

Prashant Morparia
Bullets do carry a image and charisma which can be matched by few other bikes. If your heart is set on a Bullet, but the pocket does not permit it, then a practical solution is to go in for a pre-owned (second hand) Bullet. You should be able to get a 2 - 3 year old Bullet at the price of a new Hero Honda Hunk. Hunk would give you fuel efficiency of about 45 - 50 kmpl, while Bullet will return 35 - 40 kmpl. Running cost of the Bullet would be a bit higher too.....But these are small sacrifices for owning a Bullet. I had owned a Bullet during my college days, and Boy ! what an experience it was. I had taken a pre-owned Bullet Classic and used it for about 3 years.

Go for the Bullet

Posted: 2390 day(s) ago

Rajesh Retnakar
Maruti Suzuki
Dear Suraj, Keepng in mind what the expert has said, no offences, but if your long last desire is there to own a Bullet, then go ahead. If you like go for a Second Hand Bullet and you can modify it as per your desire. I do own a Bullet and its in ship shape. The sheer sound of the exhaust ....no other bike can match. Yes its a petrol guzzler nowadays terms. If you are indeed looking for the milage too...then Bullet might be dissapoint you. Anyway yuor happiness is what matters most.

Posted: 2389 day(s) ago

Better you go for a 125-150 cc kind of bike which can give you 40 odd or 50 odd kmpl. In 2-3 years, you will be settling down
nicely. Then you can go for your dream RE bullet as you might be in position to spend the extra buck for the esteemed-owner feeling. I really believe that there is no other bike on the road to beat a bullet. Hats off to the macho machine.

Posted: 2377 day(s) ago

Akash Mohanty
Work heard, save money and purchase RE bullet only.

Posted: 2189 day(s) ago

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