hello Everyone am planing to buy my first car and i liked

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Everyone am planing to buy my first car and i liked the new siwft diesel but due waiting period thats out the site now am planing to finlise fiat punto dumamic diesel so i wanted reviews and good n bad about the car so will be awaiting for you feedbacks thank you all
  • 2377 day(s) ago by Harisha
Under: Maruti Suzuki Swift #Cars
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Fiat Grande Punto is a good selection for its best of performance and styling.
Check the link below for some of the reviews on Punto.

Posted: 2377 day(s) ago


I wish u by new swift than the punto. don make the mistake u suffer .

Posted: 2376 day(s) ago

Punto, no doubt is a good choice but only if you are opting for the diesel. You can also have a TD of Etios Lica hatchback, its good.

Posted: 2376 day(s) ago

Aveo U VA
punto bad service as they are depend on tata motors where there is step mother treatment for fiat and also no proper customer care from fiat lack of spare parts poor resale value wait for swift which is in good in resale value and good service backup else toyota/volkswagen polo is a good choice

Posted: 2376 day(s) ago

Wagon R
Punto is the best looking of the lot. However it is not looks that help us in the long term, it is sheer quality and good service backup. In that department the Toyota Etios Liva diesel is to be highly recommended. The driving experience is second to none and the interior space too rivals some of the much bigger sedans. It should hold its value too unlike the Punto. Remember Toyota is world no.1 in cars and in diesel technology. When you can have the assurance of world no.1 why gamble with anything else ? It is simple but cute in its own way.

Posted: 2376 day(s) ago

Chirag Chhabra
Fiat best in cars. But Plz pay attention its worst after sale service... Tata dont have spares in their stock... Worst resale... i had experience of Palio stile Multijet which i bought that it has same engine of swift but after that no spares even oil filter was not available at autorised workshop and i have to sell the car no one was willing to buy it at any price.... its like to through it away...

Posted: 2376 day(s) ago

Hi all,
Punto is a nice car, why say, because unlike the Palio from PAL it is from the house of TATA. TATA Motors has in a nice gesture shown willingness to render service even to cars not sold by them - in order to boost the confidence of the FIAT lovers. Now I read TATA is giving stepmother treatment to Punto - this is bad guys you dont even know who the manufacturer is and come here to write review.

And Chirag Chabba I doubt you really had a Palio and even if you did you say the oil filter was not available , now tell me could you not take a walk to the nearest Maruti outlet and purchase one. And an oil filter is not something that will stall car.
Readers in Hyderabad who have a decent Palio do let me know if you are having problem selling your car. There are people who still respect the Diesel version with the confidence that TATA will bail them out if there is a spares issue.
Punto is an advanced car with a lot of electronic controls which the road side duffer mechanic cannot figure out. They have no proper tools or knowledge and so will say the Punto is no good thus by word of mouth the few who buy the car also will be disheartened when they try to find out the resale value of their car.
The marker by and large is of the hear say catagory, so people always try and buy only popular models that are selling in big numbers. With the entry of so many new Makes and models the control over the market is being lost by the brokers and i believe even good cars will be available at very less price after 3-4 years of use. So now on looking for resale value is a waste, that being the case why not buy the car you like and enjoy the feel and ride.
Cheers to Punto

Posted: 2376 day(s) ago

Punto is Baap of Swift in terms of everything....Just go for it.

Posted: 2373 day(s) ago

I own a punto for.18 months now.and no prob watsoever so far.
If ppl india are seeing the segment flooded - its sheerly because of fiats engine pioneering. If u own a fiat u wil accept their advertisement statement -design by passion. Corola a segment far higher is copying a similar designed engine. chevy beat diesel is borrowing the design and check the spec of diesel x1 closely u will see fiats engine design being iterated.
And fiats total car design is good.
And dont forget that fiat designs engine for ferrari and they r among the top diesel engine providers in the world.

Posted: 2372 day(s) ago

Sandeep Kuchhal
No doubt vehicle from Fiat is good.. but don't opt for the option of Fiat Cars.. as I find there policy is sell & forget, so you will regret for you decession of going for Fiat.
Company is least bothered for after sales service & even Tata who is taking care of Fiat service treat it as unwanted child. So for the first vehicle look for Hundai or Ford rather then Fiat.
I myself own a Fiat Palio Dsl & now in the shelter of H'ble courts to get rid of day to day problems.

Posted: 2369 day(s) ago

Hi Harisha,

Fiat Punto's petrol variant gives a fuel efficiency of 12kmpl in city and 16kmpl on highway while diesel variant gives 14kmpl in city and 19kmpl on highway. For it's other features you can refer here - http://bit.ly/dl6foj

Best Regards,
Sameer Garg,
Team Magma,
Website : www.magma.co.in
Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/MagmaFincorp

Posted: 2365 day(s) ago

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