Dear Sir I have a doubt in Grear Shifting Parteen in

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Dear Sir

I have a doubt in Grear Shifting Parteen in four wheel driveing
there are two shift one is MANUAL SHIFT and other one is ELECTRIC SHIFT

Mahindra Bolero and Mahindra Thar has (Manual Shift)
Mahindra Scropio and Ford Endeavour has (Electric Shift)

in this which one is best shift for off roading,

and tell about how this shift is working in off roading.

  • 2441 day(s) ago by VIMALRAJ
Under: Mahindra Scorpio #Cars
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Ishaan Singh
Well i think manual shift is more advisable because in manual shift the car is in your control rather than in electric shift the car is in the machines control . If there is some sudden hesitation in the driver then he could control the car easily . That's my opinion.

Posted: 2441 day(s) ago

There is huge difference in price and technology used between the options mentioned.One has to consider both budget range as well as requirment such as frequency of offroad usage,interior fit and finish and hence comfort seeking for.Electric shift are easy to handle and also needs to be handles smoothly.
If its for maximum offroading with limited budget range of around 7 lakh or so then Mahinra Thar is good enough.

Posted: 2441 day(s) ago

As far as my understanding goes there used to be two levers one the regular gear change lever ans the other smaller lever which is used to select/ de-select 4 wheel drive.
This means only the the vehicle uses all its wheels to move forward or backward in the 4 wheel drive option. I thought that this was used on slippery roads or if a wheel was stuck and the vehicle could not move forward then the driver moved it to all fours and helped ease the vehicle out. Now electronic or electric must be the same option with the gears being engaged without the use of levers mechanically.
Please let me know where I need correction.

Posted: 2440 day(s) ago

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