Greetings Experts and Owners I have Indica Xeta 1 2L

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Greetings Experts and Owners,
I have Indica Xeta ( 1.2L Petrol). The car gives low mileage of just 10kmpl in city with 60& A.C.
However during my last trip of highway it gave just 12kmpl driven at 80km/h with AC.

I have done the servicing of car regularly with recently air filter,oil filter, fuel filter changed and my driving habits are not aggressive but still i am not able to figure out why such low mileage.
Also the TASC says the car gives mileage of 10-12kmpl in city , but i have consulted many owners here on net claiming 13-14kmpl in city and 16kmpl on highways.

Kindly Please Assist me here.
  • 2392 day(s) ago by Mahesh
Under: Tata Indica Xeta #Cars
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Theres isn't any body(expert or owner) who can resolve my problem or answer??!!

Posted: 2391 day(s) ago

With AC on the mileage you are getting seems quite ok.However for confirmation of exact mileage you are getting, recommended to get mileage check done using container with markings fixed to input with unit quantity of fuel.Driving for specific km and calculating KMPL based on quantity of fuel consumed and km run would givve exact indication of performmance of car at given condition and condition of road.
If mileage is not upto the mark then further checking of fuel supply system, necessity of de-carbonisation etc will have to be considered.

Posted: 2391 day(s) ago

Indica Xeta
Thanks Mr.Shiva, ANOTHER QUERY
I had very bad experience with TASC, Its worst and pathetic.
Out of three service centers in my city, two of them doesn't have software for petrol indica's or the computer is not working and they are not doing the mileage test. Even after complaining to head office, they are not ready and just close the issue managing some things here and there.
One of them gives a week booking time even if minor check up is to be done, which in turn is to difficult to take out a working day knowing again a poor response.
The Local mechanics smiles and sometimes laughs after hearing a Petrol Indica!!
They say Tata originated from trucks and the cars are to meant diesel only if tata. They know everything about diesel indica but totally blank for petrol.

They gave me an offer of switching to diesel engine. Is it worth enough. I checked out gear ratio and they are same.

But don't know how much good and worth it is?


Posted: 2390 day(s) ago

The responce from TASC is indeed bad.The main problem is the inefficiency of TASC people to carry out repairs as required and give clear idea of condition of your car.Indica Xeta is reliable car with good performance, the drawbackis the bit lesser mileage compared to other cars.However it has advantage of spacious interiors and good build quality. Going for diesel version would be helpful for better fuel economy however the question still remains wether TASC/Dealer in your city would help for maintenance or not. The solution lies in writing to Regional manager of Tata Motor and if you dont get proper responce then you can move to other make cars when decide to sell present car.

Posted: 2389 day(s) ago

Indica Xeta
Thanks Mr.Shiva Again, I will do keep your advice and proceed my further actions keeping in mind the vital points given by you.

Posted: 2388 day(s) ago

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