Friends i want to choose a diesel hatchback among

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Friends,i want to choose a diesel hatchback among swift,polo and fabia.
so which one to buy if i want a very good fuel efficiency and excellent performance.
  • 2389 day(s) ago by Akshat
Under: Skoda Fabia #Cars
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Do not worry about Diesel cars mileage, Now a days all CRDI Diesel technology gives good mileage, they differ by 1 or 2 km/lit...

If you look for low maintenance go for Swift. Polo and Fabia has good build quality but service/spares are expensive.

Posted: 2389 day(s) ago

Grande Punto
goo for original version... that is fiat who is the master mind of crdi technology.. and who had make the sucessful to swift , tata indica vista and allll .. even fabia polo aslo use same technology.. soo better to go for punto......
better handling ,,, better lloks ,, more space ,,, moree feature .. more miliage .. and lesss service schedule that is after ever 15000 km .... and more feature which are not in fabia ,.. vista and swift and polo even.... alll indian are sheep who follows one another................

Posted: 2389 day(s) ago

Swapnil Natu
Fiat is not the master mind behind CRDI,
CRDI was invented by Robert Bosch almost a decade back & the technology was used by Mercedes Benz & BMW cars. So Mr. Gurpreet, you must suggest MB or BMW's in that case :).

Polo & Fabia use the 3 cylinder engine which is designed by WV. It's good but many people feel sluggish during the driving.

Fiat Punto is good car but cramped one w.r.t. the cabin space & comfort.
Newly launched Swift ZDI & Hyundai I-20 are the best cars among all cars & which has got all well built safety, comfy level & Space is superb, great mileage. So better once u take test drive & include both in ur list.

Swapnil Natu

Posted: 2389 day(s) ago

Avinash Deshpande
gurupreet and swapnil boath are correct i would say in short if you campare with all the hatchbacks PUNTO is the ultimate winner in all the in all the catagories if you dont believ then take the broachers of all cars and campare the features, power. specifications and finally take the test drive of all cars then only you will realise punto is Grande Punto.

Posted: 2389 day(s) ago

Among the optioms mentioned Swift diesel would be ideal selection.Alternatively recommended to test drive Punto.

Posted: 2388 day(s) ago

Wagon R
Take test drives in the shortlisted vehicles and then decide which vehicle suits your and your family's needs best.

Posted: 2386 day(s) ago

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