Sir In present situation of high rising petrol prices do

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In present situation of high rising petrol prices, do you agree that middle class commuters should either switch to public transport or look out for electric vehicles.
For a bike lover which of the available models of e-bikes is worth buying considering overall performance, etc. I wish to seek your advice on Yo bykes's yoexl which claims the speed of 55 kmph.
  • 2474 day(s) ago by Rajkumar Singh
Under:   #Bikes
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It is worth to go for e bikes, the main problems are pickup, power, long distance travel, load carrying capacity are very less in e bikes. May be in future they can go up.

Posted: 2474 day(s) ago

Electric bikes would be best alternatives provided used in planned manner within specified range.

Posted: 2473 day(s) ago

Gautam Jain
Royal Enfield
increase in not in petrol price etc etc.but see ours salary /earning also increeasing . in 1982 when i have tvs 50 than petrol was 8 rs per ltr that time my salary was 600 rs per month.. now i earning more than 12000 dont expect that only our earning may increase without expence increasing.. go for petrol bike for long drive/long time .. battery bike better for short run like 10/15 km per day

Posted: 2473 day(s) ago

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