I got stuck in a pool of water around 1 25 feet deep my

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I got stuck in a pool of water around 1.25 feet deep,& my car engine stopped.I called for help & the fitter pulled the car in reverse direction manually,started the car in the second attempt.When the engine started,a lot of water (2 litres approx. )came out from the silencer.The fitter then advised me to replace the oil,but I changed the oil yesterday only,what needs to be done?Kindly help
  • 2454 day(s) ago by Anil
Under: Maruti Suzuki Wagon R #Engine-related
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As most of water entered through silencer, the same could have come out later.As the engine oil is changed and considering general check up is also done and If the engine is working fine then nothing to worry.

Posted: 2453 day(s) ago

Minoo Shroff
changing engine oil without changing the oil filter is a waste of time and money. check your engine oil and see if there is any water, most probably there is, if so change engine oil again and this time change oil filter also.
Best of luck.BWLG

Posted: 2453 day(s) ago

some of the water may enter the engine thru exh.manifold. Thats why he advised you to change the oil EVEN THOUGH YOU HAD CHANGED IT ONLY A DAY BEFORE.
what u can do is drain the oil in a clean pan. check for any water, if its without any trace of water, simply tighten the drain plug and refill the same oil. And u 'll be ok for sure.
If there is a little trace of water , simply flush the engine with about 1 lit. of clean oil and refill with new oil and a new filter. dont risk it.

Posted: 2452 day(s) ago

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