Does a car really get spoiled if it standing on a place for

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Does a car really get spoiled if it standing on a place for 1 year or more ? Is it true with Diesel as well as Petrol vehicle ?

What kind of damages owner needs to bear in such a cases ? or can the cars standing for long be brought into action with some minor repairs.

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Shashank Tambe
  • 2454 day(s) ago by Shashank Tambe
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Yes car battery, engine and other transmission parts will get damage or jammed if the car does not move over a long time.
If you would like to park the car without usage then follow the instructions:

1. Do not engage the hand brake, just engage 1st or 2nd gear.
2. Pump the air to 5psi more then the regular pressure in all tyres.
3. Disconnect the battery terminal.
4. Fill the Diesel or Petrol (This will void the corrosion in the tank)
5. Change the Engine/Gear box Oils, Change the Brake oil and Coolant.

The best method is to start the car atleast once in 2 weeks and run either in ideal for 15min or drive for 10km.

Posted: 2454 day(s) ago

Parking for more than one year without usage needs precautionary measures to be taken like that of
1. Ensuring parking place is free of rodents or atleast put antirodent solutions in and under car.
2.Remove battey connections
3.Get the vehicle serviced including change of oils.

Posted: 2454 day(s) ago

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