i have pulsar 150 dtsi i want to increase the mileage of my

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i have pulsar 150 dtsi i want to increase the mileage of my bike as i have to travel long
  • 2490 day(s) ago by Siraj
Under: Bajaj Pulsar #Bikes
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Please check the review below for detailed review on maintenance and getting best of mileage.



Posted: 2490 day(s) ago

What is the present Mileage. Usually it is about 45 - 48 kmpl. Do not expect more as you will loose the pleasure of riding with low power or badly tuned carb.

Posted: 2490 day(s) ago

Micah Jagtap
make sure your engine oil is proper, your clutch plates are good.
If you see that oil leaks from your engine.... you have to change the piston of your bike.
Normally a proper maintained pulsar should give around 45 to 50 km per liter.
If you have replace your tyre with broad ones or if u have replace your wheels to mac wheels, don't expect avg.

Posted: 2092 day(s) ago

my bikes mileage decrease gradually, I think these tips helps me to improve my bikes mileage .

Posted: 1943 day(s) ago

I've 2004 pulsar 150. I get fuel efficiency figures around 64-67 kmpl. Best trick: Optimum riding style and loving your bike.

Posted: 1773 day(s) ago

my bike average is badly 20 to 25 Km, How to increase ti?

Posted: 1738 day(s) ago

Tanveer Ahmed
I have pulsar 150 and mileage is around 53 to 58 per litre m fully satisfied wid my byke m frm siwan

Posted: 1722 day(s) ago

Tanveer Ahmed
pulsar 150 is superb byke of bajaj its mileage is around 53 t

o 58km per litre

Posted: 1722 day(s) ago

My pulsar 150 of 2006 model gives me 25 km average what to do...????

Posted: 1555 day(s) ago

Vishal Angadi
Brother i have heard about a kit called HHO kit. it had been tried by some and got success it seems as mentioned in an article. it is said that by installing that kit which is about 3000/- the mileage of the bike increases about 30-40% i.e if your bike is giving u now about say 45 then after successfully installed ur bike may return about 65 kmpl...

If u need a result immediately then try it as one of my friend tried it and got success. His yamaha fz bike gives him now about 68 kmpl....

Try it...

Posted: 1555 day(s) ago

Mr Vishal Angadi please give me details where to buy HHO kit.

Posted: 1554 day(s) ago

Vijay Anand. R
Hi all my pulsar 150 bike give 48 to 50 mileage, i want a tips form how to increase a milleage.

Posted: 1365 day(s) ago

Bapi Pana Bia Manpur
my pulsar 150 is best bike for me , i get 60-65 mileage in general

Posted: 937 day(s) ago

Hho kits r scams.

Posted: 892 day(s) ago

my pulsar 150 mileage 60-65 kmpl

pulsar is best to other 150cc bike

Posted: 829 day(s) ago

my pulsar 200dtsi mleage is 30 how to increase it ...

Posted: 822 day(s) ago

Its is waste bike


Posted: 794 day(s) ago

Sai Kiran
new avengers 150 street mileage

Posted: 787 day(s) ago

Mr.yash dew, I've pulsar 150, 2015 model it gives 30_35 kmpl, please give tips to improve mileage

Posted: 736 day(s) ago

my pulasr milage is 60 kmpl

Posted: 734 day(s) ago

Mohamed Ismail
my pulsar giving 60-70 kmpl. the reason behind the mileage is 1.50-60 km/hr in gradual speed increase 2. tyre pressure level front 25 & back 30 3. using clutch & brake when needed. 4.increase & decrease the gears in gradual & smooth. 5. use high end oil like volvoline so that u can drive upto 4000-4500 km & also having good perfomance. 6. maximum ride in solo. 7. chain lubrication & it's correct in tight. Here by u can increase ur perfomance & mileage..

Posted: 733 day(s) ago

Abhimanyu Kumar
my engine is seized because of less oil. What things to be changed for as it was earlier. Please tell me clearly any one

Posted: 707 day(s) ago

Abhimanyu Kumar
my pulsar 150 of 2013 model engine is seized because of less oil. What things to be changed for as it was earlier. Please tell me clearly any one

Posted: 707 day(s) ago

Shritesh Kurdekar
i have a pulsar 150cc dtsi model 2004 i want to installing hho kit to my bike can i do it . will it effect my pickup

Posted: 698 day(s) ago

Shritesh Kurdekar
PLZ help me

Posted: 698 day(s) ago

i have pulsar 150.that give mileage in 48 so how get improve the mileage

Posted: 669 day(s) ago

My pulsar 150 dtsi 2013 giving mileage of 35 wht can i do????

Posted: 651 day(s) ago

Hai sir my bike pulsar 150cc 2014 year mileage given 40&42 kmpl only I'm well maintained my bike how to increase mileage in my bike please give me ansr.....

Posted: 635 day(s) ago

How to increase milege 25&28 pulsar 150 old model 2004

Posted: 628 day(s) ago

My pulsar mileger is 56 is town 59_62 Highway

Posted: 622 day(s) ago

My pulsar millage 38 to 40 in model 2008 150cc

Posted: 615 day(s) ago

Mr.Gowtham my pulsar also like same 2008 model 150cc its giving around 38-40 kms only per litre u have any idea to increase the mileage????

Posted: 580 day(s) ago

Hi, anybody give me suggestion or idea my pulsar 2008 model 150cc its giving around 38 kms only per litre. How to increase the mileage????

Posted: 580 day(s) ago

My Pulsar is superv milleage.the reasion is good maintance and i love my bike .
1. Engine oil change 2500 Kilometer
2. Clutch plate and proper maintance
3.Tyre preasure is 25 Front and 35 Back maintance
4.Petrol is Basicly 5 to 6 point more .not Dry

Posted: 580 day(s) ago

Hi, Mr.Samsudeen hw much kilometer is given ur bike???

Posted: 574 day(s) ago

New pulsur bikes milege kitna hai ?

Posted: 562 day(s) ago

my bike give 60 on highway.....pul 150

Posted: 552 day(s) ago

my bike is pulsar 150 mileage is 38-40 bad mileage how to fix problem

Posted: 547 day(s) ago

Kavinkumar K V
Plz help me my bike pulsar 150. Getting 38 to 40 kmpl, plz tell me how to increase my bike mileage, daily I had travel 80km / day

Posted: 507 day(s) ago

Akshay Kamble
I have pulsar 150, 2012year model. My oil is being getting less at the time of changing it and pickup is also reduced and average is around 33, what should I do. Please help me out

Posted: 499 day(s) ago

Mine s pulsar as 150 the mileage am gettin s around 25 to 30 plzz hlp me out

Posted: 498 day(s) ago

Hii my pulser mileage is 58 around ..... And am satisfied my bike... Mits

Posted: 465 day(s) ago

Nishanth Valentine
Em having pulsar 150 ,2012 model its giving 57 km for 1 litre in economy riding like 40 to 60...em happy fa tat...

Posted: 412 day(s) ago

Badly milage is 30 to 33

Posted: 388 day(s) ago

MAdhan Gopal
Next week I have plan to ride 1100kms trip.
Have Pulsar 150 2015 model.
What are the points need to be consider While starting a ride.

Posted: 379 day(s) ago

New pulsar 150 its just eco sport bike

Posted: 370 day(s) ago

madhan Gopal Just check oil level

Posted: 370 day(s) ago

Mahadev Jadhav
My bike miage is 35 kmpl only

Posted: 319 day(s) ago

My bike pulsar ug2 2005 my bike milage is badly 20 to 23 kmpl
how to increase my bike milage
Help me

Posted: 318 day(s) ago

Hlo .i have 2012 model bike my bike milage is only 40 i
m well maintained my bike how to increase mileage in my bike please give me answer new clutch plates are using

Posted: 312 day(s) ago

I have recently checked my 2008 pulsar 150 cc bike and the result was 55 kmpl in city...

Posted: 301 day(s) ago

Pulsar 150 given mileage 30 how to encirese plzzz help

Posted: 213 day(s) ago

Suresh M
i have a pulsar 150 2015 model highway mileage is 55-60 speed is 60km/h and city mileage is 45-48

Posted: 158 day(s) ago

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