Hi I wants to buy 1997 model Opel astra Petrol I am very

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I wants to buy 1997 model Opel astra Petrol. I am very new in cars and this is going to be my first car.

Pls suggest me is this good car in terms of milage and reliabilty and low maintenance. pls suggest me suitable value for this car.


  • 2442 day(s) ago by Manoj
Under: Opel Astra #Cars
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Raju Srivastav
The Opel is a Great car. It is very good for beginners as it is cheap. Every Rupee invested in it is worth it as the car will never leave you in the long run. If you have the parking space you can keep it parked there and maybe after many years you can claim to have a vintage car.THE CAR WAS BEING SERVICED BY GM AND THEY WILL GIVE YOU A LOYALTY BONUS IF YOU APPROACH THEM TO BUY A NEW CAR. Service and spares you can learn a lot of things by owning this car. It will teach you the do's and dont's of car buying. A VERY GOOD FIRST CAR.If you are from the villages you can sit in the car and take photos you can also allow others to do the same.Your mechanic will be your next best friend and you will see him growing rich. These are some of the best things that can happen on the ownership of an OPEL car FROM GM. so my friends as they say the past is not always the trend that a Company will follow you can expect better cars from GM now.(Maybe lightning cannot strike same customer again)

Posted: 2442 day(s) ago

Mr Rajiv given detailed scenario of owning used Opel Astra.In short MarutiSuzuki Esteem would be better alternative.

Posted: 2441 day(s) ago

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