Dear Sir I am having a Swift VDI which has made only

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Dear Sir,I am having a Swift VDI, which has made only 43,000KMs having purchased and periodically maintained as per Company's norms . I have availed extended warranty at the time of purchase & the same has been renewed as per your Company's terms . My swift was doing well on 09.07.2011 morning when I started my car was shocked to notice and hear rough and knocking sound from the engine assembly. I switched off the engine and checked the E oil level using the dip stick and noticed that the same was not up to the recommended level, coolant level was intact and on looking into the under chassis found no stains or damage or whatsoever. .Immediately on consultation with the service people I have toped up recommended grade of Engine Oil by adding about 1.3litre Engine oil to get the stipulated engine oil level, then drove to authorised (MandoviMysore) service station. complained about the rough and knocking sound of my car. The service station people have taken my car for examination and preliminary jobs such as timing adjustment, removal of the available diesel from the tank adding of fresh diesel etc were done but neither the lacuna was rectified nor could the service people could Sdiognise reason for the lacuna of my car.
On 12th July 2011morning I was told by the service station through telephone that the said problem crept in my car due to leakage of coolant from a minute hole in the radiator house pipe. I was also told that the head gaskets, pistons with some consumables may have to be changed and the estimated repair and labour cost may go upto Rs 18,000/-,I was refused warranty stating that it was due to loss of coolant.I was really shocked to hear this as I was under the impression that the problem with my car was minor which would be rectified under warranty.
Finally I had to pay Rs.20,157/-.Getting delivery of my car it was driven only 10kms towards Bengaluru the temperature level shot up to danger level and the entire cabin started boiling.Immediately car was switched off and called road side assistance, the service people towed to the service station and told that the over heating was due to damage of thermostat(?)I had to pay Rs 1,100+ replacement of thermostat.Though I was charged Rs 21,000+ my car's performance is not upto mark even to this day Iam facing problems in gear shifts.

Know my question is whether a car alleged to be technically acclaimed, like swift VDI car with such a goodwill which is being duly serviced and maintained with all stipulated periodical replacements by the company authorised service company can develop engine problem at a stage when it has run only 43,000KMS.(it would be proper to mention that my car was duly serviced with E oil and other stipulated replacements at 41,000KMS). the alleged minute hole in the Radiator house pipe which could not be noticed by the experts also, which is said to be the reason for the said problem of my car,is it not a defect on the part of manufacturer. In spite of the same I am refused of the warranty/ extended warranty benefits, then what is the use in getting warranty or extended warranty by paying such a big amount in advance.
  • 2443 day(s) ago by Pradeepgiri
Under: Maruti Suzuki Swift #Engine-related
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The above details indicate the poor low quality service offered by the service center.Please write to regional manager of Maruti Suzuki asking for suitable action and reimbursment if possible.

Posted: 2443 day(s) ago

It is definitely service provider fault which have to be paid back paying is for not to repeat it again

Posted: 247 day(s) ago

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