sir is there any simple way to increase the power and

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is there any simple way to increase the power and torque of 2001 model diesel indica?
  • 2509 day(s) ago by Arjun
Under: Tata Indica #Engine-related
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Yes simply increase the engine BHP by increasing its Cubic capacity and fit a turbo charger to the carb.

Posted: 2509 day(s) ago

Minoo Shroff
I wonder if Mr.Venkateshwaran knows what he is talking about. He seems to answer all queries with absurd ideas of his. Perhaps he could enlighten us when the carb. is fitted on a diesel engine. and could he fit a turbo charger?

Posted: 2509 day(s) ago

Jagjit Singh
Even if U install TATA TRUCK's engine won't solve your problem, not only you but other peoples are also suffering with the same problem cause earliar Tata Moters was not professional or expert in making small cars. After research or improving their car year by year, now finally their cars are up to the mark, but still after-sale is poor. My suggestion is sell your car & go for new one.

Posted: 2508 day(s) ago

i completely agree with Minoo Shroff even i was wondering how one can increase the c.c will u rebore the block and fit new larger pistons to increase c.c and where do u find a carb in a diesel earlier days there use to be a bike jawa/yezdi which was 250cc but produced less bhp than yamaha rx100c.c .increaing the power of early indicas is not easy and costeffective ,the only solution can be to have clean fuel supply lines and if u add additives to diesel it slightly becomes smoother and u feel a little difference in pulling power,otherwise the other option would be to change the engine which again is not practical.

Posted: 2508 day(s) ago

It wont be possible as it requires lot of design work and equipments that can be available with manufacturers.In general modifications mileage and pickup can be slightly increased.

Posted: 2507 day(s) ago

All u can do is install super or turbocharger, replace exhaust manifold and headers,air filter.use better fuel , u should b able to feel the difference.

Posted: 2498 day(s) ago

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