Hi I want to buy TVS Wego But my friends who have

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I want to buy TVS Wego. But my friends who have bought Wego told that the engine chamber(sump) is very down and it is strucking when going on speed breakers. They also told that They also told that if engine chamber is broken then we have to wait for 3 months for its repairs. Due to this they are not going on speed breakers and going from beside speed breakers. They told that this is the minus of TVS Wego. Is it true? Why company made like this. They have not modified. Please advise.
  • 2506 day(s) ago by SD KHAJA MIYA
Under: TVS Motor Wego #Bikes
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TVS Wego has ground clearance of around 145MM which is sufficient for general usage. There wont be major problems if rided with general care.

Posted: 2505 day(s) ago

Boss yes.The Wego has less ground clearence. It's engine will touch the breakers when you are riding with pillion & also there is no consistency in TVS producrs. They are having the bad habits of disconitnuing their products without any intimations & then the user have to scout for spares. So my advise is to go for Honda Activa/Aviator, Hero Honda Pleasure or just wait for 1 month as Hero Honda is launching a fresh 110cc scooter by this month end.

Posted: 2505 day(s) ago

TVS Motor

i have been using TVS Wego for more than a year now, i have taken double & triples on the bike but never bottomed on a speed breaker, just slow down when you approach a speed breaker you will never hit the bottom, its the same for all the brands regardsless of ground clearence.

Posted: 2403 day(s) ago

I like Mr Pradeep's approach. It is not the fault of the manufacturer but a blunder by sadistic people with good looking daughters that such speed breakers are made.
More over if the Wego also becomes popular then the demand for other rivals will fall and there will be no black market, got the point ? you better get the point and drive slowly when you approach a mountain of a breaker, give respect if not for Uncle - your own bike...lol

Posted: 2403 day(s) ago

Umesh Ch Pant
I agree with Pradeep. I also own TVS Wego. This scooter has sufficient ground clearance to deal with normal obstacles. Badly shaped barrier would hit & damage any other vehicle as well! Be it Wego, Activa, Aviator or Rodio.
I have even tested the vehicle on steep barriers without slowing down (just to test the capability) & it handled it quite well. This is quite comfortable on speed breakers & driven with care, gives a very comfortable ride.
This also gets a boost with its very well distributed overall weight. You don't have to put your legs down at slow speeds. It's got a very good self supporting balance due to its design.
It is well thought out product aimed to last long.The machines of today, including products of other manufacturers also, if driven with love & care, hardly need any big overhauling of engine or parts for many years. Don't worry on these grounds.

Posted: 2392 day(s) ago

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