Got this Dent Scratch on i20 s driver side s rear door

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Got this Dent , Scratch on i20's driver side's rear door. hyundai dealer asks for 7days and Rs.7500/- to clear it. Well 7 days, i don't have and 7500 for this, i am not stupid that i pay 7500 for this.

Now, my local known dent remover person told he gonna remove the door dent and scratch with painting but the one encircled in red can't be done and tearing of metal would be required. Hence better to do from hyundai as suggested by him as its also a new car and tearing would be visible.

I asked others dent removers and same reply. If you please help me out here.
  • 2499 day(s) ago by Amit
Under: Hyundai i20 #Cars
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Amit, sorry you got the dent on your new car. For better solution, go to another Hyundai station in your city and get a quote, you might be lucky to save money and time. They have proper tools to repair and paint booth. So pay and CLAIM through the car Insurance. Thats the only way out !

Posted: 2499 day(s) ago

Thanks Pirebhuoo, for your support. All of them told at least 7 days as they say they have too much repair work and appointment repair is given on working day and will take a whole working day which is not possible to give.

Insurance , no i am getting 50 % no claim bonus and claiming it won't be a fair deal. Also don't want to claim insurance for this.

Posted: 2499 day(s) ago

The time taken for repair is bit high.You canask the dealer to do it on priority basis.May be talking to concerned works manager or higher executive would help in this regard

Posted: 2497 day(s) ago

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