i am using swift vxi today while travelling in mud area a

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i am using swift vxi. today while travelling in mud area a stone dash in the bottom area. i was not in speed just car start n it happend. please advise whehter should i check car in showroom or can i check myself at home.
  • 2465 day(s) ago by Milind Patil
Under: Maruti Suzuki Swift #Cars
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dear, do you think that your car is made up of tissue paper ? dont worry, nothing happened. your car is strong enough to face any thunderstorm n every bullshit.

Posted: 2465 day(s) ago

You can just check once the undersideof the car.If there is any dent to underbody then needs be be taken to workshop.Generally it wont happen unless strong impact is there as gaurds are provided to the engine and radiator underside.

Posted: 2465 day(s) ago

even a child knows that cars are not made of tissue paper but they are not meant for banging on stones either .Mr Milind if it has happened accidently no need to panic just check the engine oil chamber for dents or leakage if u find any major dents on the oil chamber or leakage then that should be taken care of immeadiately otherwise that could cause serious damage to thecar's engine and ur pocket .

Posted: 2465 day(s) ago

Hero Honda
exactly the same thing happened to my swift 4 years ago and you know what the car sound changed immediately and i was very much worried..after i went home again i started it to notice the sound and its evident that its different sound coming from the exhaust but i tried to convince myself that its the normal sound of the car; finally thing is that the rock hit the silencer pipe and there was no hole to the silencer pipe; even then some mis-alignment happened at the joint of the silencer pipe to the engine; a little welding rectified all this and the car was back to normal... if you dont have this problem you are luckier than me...

Posted: 2465 day(s) ago

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