I want to buy indica diesel considering its price over

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I want to buy indica diesel.
considering its price over EV2 and Vista it seems a good option.
want your opinion on any known problem with this car and whether it will be a nice decision as i want to use the car for 5 years and do not want high maintenance cost.
my monthly run is roughly 3000kms personal use only.
  • 2536 day(s) ago by Sunny
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Ajay Rath
Dear Sunny

Please close your eyes and buy TATA Indica and be assured you wont have any problem. I have used it for 6 yrs, that also V2.

1)till date, i have changed head lights after 5 1/2 yrs for just rs 2200/-
2) i have changed battery after 4 yrs Rs. 4500/-
3) steering and wheel bearing change 2 times in 6 yrs only 8000/-
4) generally servicing in 3 months its hardly any amount.
5) now I use Mobil 1 - engine oil 5w 50. it cost about 4000 for 4 1/2 litre. I have to change it after 12000 kms, that is after 6 to 8 months. Just have to top it and believe me the engine is like a butter.

The new indica is with CRD engine which is far more more refined, hence no noise you can be assured. take a test drive.

a)6 yrs repair cost is Rs. 14,500
b)maintenance oil change rs. 25,000 (6 yrs)
air filter servicing Rs. 39,500 for 6 yrs on total

39500 divided by years. Average cost per year is rs 6000 approx


Posted: 2536 day(s) ago

Dear Ajay,
Thanks a lot for your advise.
It is indeed very very helpful and i am thankful that you took time to reply on my querry and have given my actual insight.
I will surely go for Indica car now :)

Posted: 2535 day(s) ago

As mentioned above,Indica eV2 is a reliable car and worth going for the same.

Posted: 2533 day(s) ago

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