sir iam physically handicapped person im thinking to

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iam physically handicapped person,im thinking to buy Maruthi A STAR AT or HYUANDAI I10 AT.i need Engine WITH Start/stop button,these two dont have tht option.if i purchase maruthi or hyuandai 10 AT models,can i fit tht engine start/stop button,if so how much it will budget is monthly use is 300km maximum,i want to keep car permanently.should i buy HYUANDAI VERNA Fluidic DEISEL AT or HONDA CITY AT.will honda city at comes with engine start/stop is volkswagon vento AT.which car must i choose PETROL or DEISEL .i want small car,if there is no chance of my requirement(ENGINE START/STOP BUTTON, PARKING CENSORS,KEYLESS ENTRY)then i will go for sedan car.pls advice me.
  • 2516 day(s) ago by Naidu
Under: Maruti A Star #Cars
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Shubhankar Roy
Hi.You didnt specify what are your restrictions in terms of physical disability. Is it with your leg or hands? Which leg/ hand? I am physically disabled too, and I lost my right leg. I am leading a normal life with a prosthesis. I drive a manual transmission car (Chevy Spark) without any problems whatsoever. With an artificial leg, I am easily able to switch between accelerator and brakes, and exactly know how much force to apply while braking, and during accelerating. If you are not comfortable with MT, go for an AT car. Maruti's A Star and Hyundai i10 come in AT versions. With such low use, going in for a diesel car will not be advisable. Bear in mind that diesel cars require higher maintenance but obviously give better mileage and are economical on the road. They also produce better torque and power, if such are your requirements. Stop/ start button cars are rare. There will not be many options, Chevy Cruze, Nissan Micra are some of the cars which have this feature. Good luck! Weigh your requirements well, and know yourself well and be confident while driving, its not a huge deal at all, whatever your physical state! :)

Posted: 2516 day(s) ago

go for Nissan MICRA.
it having start stop option.
go for prtrol if your running is less.

Posted: 2516 day(s) ago

Gaurav Bhatia

Posted: 2516 day(s) ago

Chirag Gupta
Maruti Suzuki
According to me, Nissan MICRA is best option for you.

Posted: 2515 day(s) ago

Vinod Rana
Hello Mr. Naidu,

You can Go for Martuti A star. As it is good for you to handle and price is also low with amazing 20KM/Litre mileage.
You can go for these feature form outside.Thses option easily availbe with the car modifiers.

Posted: 2515 day(s) ago

hi vinod,
will u tell me how much i must spend extra on Engine start/stop ,parking sensors,keyless entry if i buy maruthi star AT,pls tell me cost approximtely.if i do modifications will it effect any car performance.pls advice me

Posted: 2514 day(s) ago

Well Hyundai i10 AT comes with every feature including parking censors. But only problem is start/stop button , i think only hyundai verna At gives that provision but it may exceed your budget. since your running is low , i would suggest you to buy petrol only. no doubt petrol prices may hike but ultimately maintenance , life and reliability is of petrol car only.
if start/stop button is really main requirement then go for hyundai verna AT petrol , i think this car too is loaded with features and reverse parking camera.

Posted: 2513 day(s) ago

As mentioned in above comments, if start/stop button with AT version is the requitment then best option would be New Verna AT version. It is possible to install start/stop button for Astar or Hyndai cost could be around 10 to 15k.Please contact car modification/accessory center for exact price.

Posted: 2513 day(s) ago

Sanjay Kumar
Maruti Suzuki
A Star
Go for Maruti A Star (Automatic). Recently I got one and driving it comfortably with left leg. As such, it is advised to use only one leg in AT cars.

Posted: 2425 day(s) ago

I am a lt.hand amputee below elbow. Does Maruti or any others supply cars suitable to combat my disability. If anybody knows pl. give details including reference of govt. circulars also.

Posted: 2230 day(s) ago

The start stop button can be fitted by the addition of a small switch to disconnect the power. You mention the A Star then the Hyundiai i10 AT then the HYUANDAI VERNA Fluidic DEISEL AT and HONDA CITY AT ... This gives me the feeling that you are one big admirer of Cars especially when you want PARKING CENSORS,KEYLESS ENTRY is there anything left, my simple request is to employ a driver and be comfortable.

Posted: 2218 day(s) ago

there a problem in my right leg so I have to drive through left leg only. will it be possible to change side of accelerate and break in auto car.

Posted: 2021 day(s) ago

Dear Mr. We are specialized in different type of Car modification works for Handicapped persons.
If you need any assistance please feel free to contact me.

Thanks and Kind Regards
Creative Technologies
Shop address 5 Gurudwara complex ,vanasthali puram.hyderabad
Mobile.9948540831, 040.64641716

Posted: 1953 day(s) ago

We are specialized in different type of Car modification works for Handicapped persons, Ex. for Single Hand Drive Persons, Both Legs not working Persons Etc 09948540831

Posted: 1830 day(s) ago

Sanjay Dhon

Posted: 1552 day(s) ago

celerio.this car use to want one leg.

Posted: 1516 day(s) ago


I am physically handicapped for right leg disability of 40%.

We are thinking to buy Celerio AT.

Will that be good option? As we dont see many Celerio on the road though it has launched 9 months back.

Is that car good option?

Posted: 1350 day(s) ago

Sir i am disabled in my left hand but i have a wish to drive a car is there any option for me of any car

Posted: 1332 day(s) ago

Sir, I am suffering from polio with my right leg only my disability near about 50%. I am thinking to buy autotransmission car for myself kindly guide me in this matter.

Posted: 805 day(s) ago

Sir, I am suffering from polio with my right leg only my disability near about 50%. I am thinking to buy autotransmission car for myself kindly guide me in this matter.

Posted: 805 day(s) ago

i am suffering from polio with left hand which car is suitable for me

Posted: 724 day(s) ago

Kapil Dev Soni
I am disable person with right leg amputated. I am interested buying a car (AMT) best suitable to me.

Posted: 664 day(s) ago

Dr Fatema Jetpurwala
i want car that both handicapped my son and his wife can use fully AT with hand controls. Thr should be enough space in driver's seat to sit with both leg callipers and to go in n

Posted: 619 day(s) ago

Dr Fatema Jetpurwala
My question is that after ARIA or RTO approved modifications for handicapped the company of new car is valid for warranty and services as enjoyed for all car owners or no?if No.Why

Posted: 619 day(s) ago

my Right hand above albow and right leg below knee with which car is sutable for me

Posted: 498 day(s) ago

N.Bhagavan Reddy
sir,I am 58 years both lower legs not working due to polio effect.I want purchas a car to drive with hands only.which is suitabale car to me.any concessions apply to me .I want to purchase car in maruti company.I am karimnagar Dist.Telangana State where I contact a new car.and what are the documets required.I am a recently retired state Govt.Officer.Pl.advise me sir

Posted: 419 day(s) ago

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