Dear Experts I own a Hyundai Sonata Gold Petrol

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Dear Experts,

I own a Hyundai Sonata Gold- Petrol- Manual version, 2002 Model, 67K Kms. done.

I have been advised by my relative to put up a Sequential Gas kit of Rohan BRC. Model No: RY-07. I also had a discussion with one of our known Gas kit fitter & he has also supported saying these kits will never harm, effect engine, efficiency & performance of the cars. In addition, the emission, noise & the Cost per Kilometer will come down & i will always be in profit.

The rising fuel prices made me to think on this. What would you suggest on this? Is it worth to make an investment of 40,000/- for installing a Gas kit for my car? I am worried that whatever i will save should not be wasted on additional maintenance & repair works.

Please suggest me as i am thinking to go for it as my approximate usage/ year is around 7000Kms. & at current petrol price i have to pay 10.30/- per km. & the estimated gas usage will slash down the cost by 4 Rs/ Km.
So i can save 4 x 7000 = 28,000/- per annum & i can recover the investment in next 17 months, will this verbal work out will turn practically true? Plz suggest me as i don't want to harm my car.

Hope you will definitely help me out.

Thanks & Regards,
Swapnil Natu.

  • 2550 day(s) ago by Swapnil Natu
Under: Hyundai Sonata #Cars
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Though the calculations seems to be simple and cost efective, the risk factor is about the maintenance costs after fittment of the CNG kit.Sonata being premium car, the repair/replacement of spares would be on higher side. However as there is also gains in cost perkm, best thing to do would be to go for the CNG kit. Take all measures to keep it in best of condition.Also in case of increased problems such as lower pick up,low pulling etc you can get the car serviced and use in petrol mode only.

Posted: 2549 day(s) ago

there is absolutely no problem in converting ur car to cng ,im surprised that a senior car expert is not sure about what he is suggesting and his answer is vague as an expert the answer should be exact based on facts rather than what u feel .u are asking someone to put in 40 k and experiment ,i feel its a lack of interest and nonserious approach .cng is a very safe and green fuel and is used world over ,as written earlier also the whole fleet of dtc runs on cng all taxis in delhi ncr run on cng .if it were to harm ur car why would companies like maruti hyundai ,gm produce cng fitted dual fuel cars ,do u think they produce cars without r & d and put their reputation on stake bcoz the technology is the same and they do not fit anything extra which is not available in the open is advisable to fit a good quality cng kit and enjoy savings of around rs4.50 perkm.

Posted: 2549 day(s) ago

Swapnil Natu
Dear Rajiv,

I did not said anywhere to do experiment on ur cost & advice me, i don't feel u know the meaning of advice. Many people will be around every one & some threads can be fetched during such quaries.
Did u read my quary properly? On what basis u r writing it's lack of interest & nonserious approch? Do u understand the basic difference between LPG & CNG?

Posted: 2548 day(s) ago

Dear all,
Can any one advise me, that i have an idea on convetring my Hyundai Sonata Gold petrol engine to diesel engine. Do any one know a good expert in these kind of conversion. Please do let me know in my mail id.

Posted: 2328 day(s) ago

Dear Raj,

Hi i just wanted to know that are u really a dumb person to ask this that a petrol car engine can be converted into Diesel. If this was the case people would have done that before.

Posted: 1612 day(s) ago

hello i am owning a hyundai sonata gold i used cng kit before it gave me a good milage around 15 to 16 even the automotive gas is cheaper than diesel but the thing is once the engine head gasket gave me trouble so i repaired my car now i am running in petrol its really frustating for me that i am just getting 4kml but the cng kit gives lotta trouble so i am worried what to do....many minor issues come in cng so better run in petrol if v have enough money

Posted: 1247 day(s) ago

Can u tel me I had a 2003 gold sonata petrol I don't want to use this stupid engine because of milage problem but the thing car was desind excecelnt ecxelent interior and roadgrip

Posted: 940 day(s) ago

And another thing I want change petrol engine to diesel engine can I know accent crdi engine will be sutiabel

Posted: 940 day(s) ago

And another thing I want change petrol engine to diesel engine can I know accent crdi engine will be sutiabel for sonata gold

Posted: 940 day(s) ago

Kindly make your eyes wider and ears opened to know thing before you comment!!!! And don't be c-nut! There are plenty of sonata gold converted with Diesel engine. Pls if you know to google chk to it!

Posted: 727 day(s) ago

Dear all!
Kindly have a look to the below link.

Posted: 727 day(s) ago

hi All,

Please advice me, whether i can buy Sonata Gold 2002 or Elantra Gls 2006 in secondhand?

Thanks in Advance.

Posted: 622 day(s) ago

Pankaj Sharma
Any sensible person who knows a bit about sonata would recommend you to go with Gold. 2.76 ltr engine explans everything

Posted: 555 day(s) ago

I have seen a sonata gold diesel 2004 80000 km run should I buy it or not please help me

Posted: 491 day(s) ago

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