What did Honda in India do to change the power of Honda

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What did Honda in India do to change the power of Honda City from 77PS in the Zx version to 118PS in the new version that is being brought out keeping the 1.5 litre capacity as it is? It appears not convincing that they can increase the power/torque so much appreciably without changing the capacity. Corolla and Civic have got 132PS with 1.8 litre engine and how come Honda is smart to almost get the same performance from 1.5L. Can any one explain that Honda has done it without compromising something! It will be benefecial to the public who are craving to go for the new city without having seen its performance.
  • 4517 day(s) ago by L S S Rao
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L S S Rao
Dear Shiv Shankar

Thanks for your reply. This is a old information given by Honda themselves when the version that is being taken out Honda ZX - Vtec has this provision delivering 102 PS , with a very poor average of 9 to 10 KMPL in city limits! Over and above that ,it has a very unsatisfatory performance in the city limits at lower speeds. Now , how the NEW CITY with 118PS being claimed can be better than ZX - Vtec ? It is baffling how the customers can get satisfied with your reply which is no better than a non-expert's comment. The performance has to be even worser if your reply still holds good for the NEW CITY also! Then in what way the NEW CITY is improved other than the cosmetic changes that are brought in with a higher price. Customer awareness and knowledge has to increase in our country if we do not want to allow there big players to take us for granted. Please respond to my doubts .

Posted: 4513 day(s) ago

Honda uses double camshaft i-Vtech engine .Above 80 kmph second cam shaft operates giving more valve space hence more fuel injection which delivers more power.New Vtec is improved version of old system where in Intake valve lift is varied instead of deactivating as it was in older version , with the new version power increased upto 116 BHP.There is decrease infuel efficiency but the same overcome by reducing friction in all possible methods. Hope I have given satisfactory answer .

Posted: 4512 day(s) ago

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