i am planning to buy Opel Corsa Swing 1 6 done 110000 Kms

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i am planning to buy Opel Corsa Swing 1.6 done 110000 Kms. in good condition with decent interior for 60K. Please suggest me is it worth buying. What would be the fuel economy and maintenancespares. The Dash board with Speedo meter and fuel indicator is not working. advise please.
  • 2549 day(s) ago by Tl Venkateswaran
Under: Opel Corsa #Cars
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Somya Vidhu
Don't even think about it... The fuel economy is 10-11 kmpl...cost of ownership is high...spares would be difficult to find...dont go by 60k price tag...it would cost u a hell lot more

Posted: 2549 day(s) ago

Santro Xing
no way, only way to get spares is through donor cars. get a old maruti istead.

Posted: 2548 day(s) ago

Rajeev Shukla
He He ! think some one is trying to make a ----- out of you, sorry ! just forget it, you did not even know whether corsa ever existed.
hope u got the answer.
Boss ! there r so good cars available, best advice - if u can manage a vehicle loan of 4lacs, buy Ford Fiesta new or even a Ford Ikon diesel with 1.4 duratorq engine done 40k - 50k kms wld be a gd buy ( suggested price 2 - 2.5 lacs)
Can even go Fr Alto which has petrol engn ( 1.5 lacs)

Posted: 2548 day(s) ago

you will go crazy after having bought this car, if not already

i had to sell it of for a loss of 80k in 3 weeks

Posted: 2548 day(s) ago

Opel Corsa... Maintaining it will cost you more than 60k in 2 years... Dont even think about buying it..

Posted: 2548 day(s) ago

don't go for corsa.. it has no presence left in India !!... if you have a small budget, and want a pre-owned car, there are many other options that you can consider... go for an Indian brand..

You may get >
1) TaTa indica (LSI petrol) for approx Rs.75,000 ..reliable but has no quality !
2) Fiat palio/siena for approx Rs.60,000 ..has strong build quality, good to own inspite of a bad market for Fiat
3) Maruti 800/1000/old esteem for approx Rs.60,000 ..extremely reliable :)

Posted: 2548 day(s) ago

corsa swing is a very stylish car with very good build quality and drive ,the only problem is spares which is either not available or is of very poor quality but that is the same with even sienna and palio ,opels and palio have similar fuel efficiency of around 10kmpl ,but at the same time what are u paying 60k ,u do not get a premium two wheeler in that range so no harm in buying it bcoz the max depreciation can be 20k even if u sell it after two years u will still get 40k and boss u are so lucky and smart that u are getting a luxury car of its time for less than what someone has lost in three weeks.

Posted: 2548 day(s) ago

Considering overall factors such as probable condition,maintennac costs as mentioned in above comments,It wont be worth going for the same.

Posted: 2548 day(s) ago

No not a wrothfull deal in all aspects .

Posted: 2548 day(s) ago

See What expert had said, u cannot get any two wheeler for the amount u are spending on buying this luxury car, yes ofcourse getting spares is bit difficult but at little extra cost, but the same case with Daewoo cars, I am owing one, but believe it is far better build car than 800, santro etc., very strong body, and withstand small accidents, but the case is diff with either maruti or santro and indica.

Posted: 2547 day(s) ago

Hi Venkateshwaran,

I previously owed a opel corsa.I used it for complete 1 year. i never had any issues with it luckily.
but i will stand with others, if there any maintenance issues it will take you for a toss & also availability of the parts is difficult..

If any way you decided to buy. Have a complete check of each and every part of it. the Kms it has run i doubt the credibility.
Alternatively, i would suggest you to go for Ford iKon or Maruti 800 for some additional cost.

Posted: 2546 day(s) ago

Kevin Crasto
i own a Opel Corsa swing and it is much better than other shitty cars and if some is suggesting you Maruti 800 or santro does not know about this German made vehicle. It is just superb by the way if you are driving a 1.6 ltr naturally you will get less average but the pickup and driving is crazy no other car will give you that satisfaction. Yes spares are difficult but I dont need to change the last for a long time. But it is not so difficult to get the spares if you have the right channel..

Posted: 1738 day(s) ago

Stephen Ondati
I own opel corsa swing the car is fantastic can't complain even though the spares are difficult to get

Posted: 954 day(s) ago

I would recommend u this car belive me no one Indian car can stand in front of opel the technology is awesome and u r paying only 60k u will not get a 150 cc bike in this price.

Posted: 948 day(s) ago

Those suggesting 800/Alto instead,r bachcha as far as their knowledge regarding cars are concerned,they dont know about the class Opel swing belongs to....Opel swing is a gem....

Posted: 454 day(s) ago

I previously owned an Opel Corsa 1.4GSi car and maintained about 9 years. No major issues with it till I disposed of two years ago for 60K. Body and mechanical side of the car is excellent. In terms of build quality and driving pleasure, Maruti and Tata vehicles are scraps. Go for it no problem.

Posted: 73 day(s) ago

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