Hi I recently bought a Ambassadar Grand with classic

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I recently bought a Ambassadar Grand ( with classic looks).
so far I liked the car.Now I want to fit a LPG kit and do the modifications to Cluctch and drake pedals as they are very inconvenient.I would like to make them hanging as in the present other cars.Is it possible?
  • 4528 day(s) ago by Manjunath
Under:   #Cars
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You can fit LPG and it would be economical and useful.The clutch and brake pedal are suitably positioned for the height of seat.Modification is possible but it will be difficult to handle.Hence modification is not recommended.

Posted: 4528 day(s) ago

B S Kumar
Everything in an Ambassador can be modified, and should be modified in my humble opinion. If your modification doesn't work for some reason, come back to the original!

Posted: 4528 day(s) ago

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