I will buy Fiat Punto Emotion 1 2 ver so it good or Bad to

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I will buy Fiat Punto Emotion 1.2 ver, so it good or Bad to my future.I had already test drive fiat punto emotion . i like drive it before fiat punto i had drive maruti alto. but fiat was best so plz suggest me
  • 2519 day(s) ago by Raju Mohod
Under: Maruti Alto #Cars
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Going for Fiat Grande Punto is a good option for its high reliability,styling and performance.You can go ahead with the same.

Posted: 2519 day(s) ago

Indica Vista
The Grande Punto is a good car but unfortunately has very poor resale value. Agreed that one does not buy to sell. But as a factor, one must consider it. The Polo or the the Ritz are better options. Maruti has a wide network and a far superior established set up is easier on spares cost and convenience. Plus Maruti cars have good resale value. A friend of mine has a 4 year old Wagon R and a Punto which is about 18 months old. However today the Wagon R will fetch him 2.25 lacs whereas the Punto will fetch him 2.50 lacs. Just imagine.

Posted: 2519 day(s) ago

Punto is gem of a car and is great to drive, ride and handle than polo.
Deepak as an owner of TATA indica cannot comment on resale value, where did he find these number from, how come he knows that polo will good resale value. Dont blindly belive these guys who cant even distiguish between punto and indica.

You please go through forums like team-bhp, teamfiat or motoriods to avoid these kind of novices from misleading you.

I would say that, out of all the b+hatch backs including Jazz, punto has some characteristics of its own which no maruti cars will come near, and even polo or jazz could beat. Yes, in the market, fiat palios resale value is poor, thats due to several reasons, due to non-avaliablity of spare parts, service issues etc and which is not now fiats traits,Hence definitly Fiat is going to improve in the resale value front too. However, dont think about resale at all, now its raining cars in the market and a customer can choose a car from lower range to a higher range without of much an issue. Hence dont trust words who has ever driven a bettercar than INDICA

Posted: 2519 day(s) ago

Venkateshwaran Subramanyam
Yes - Punto is a great Car. It is more Car for the Money. It has Advanced Electronic Features, It looks Great when compared to other cars in the segment, Many of my friends who are members of Team BHP have purchased the Car as soon as they could .Now it is Tata Service
So what is the issue, why such poor numbers , are people crazy dont thay want all the above factors or is it that we want to buy only after the car sells in good numbers or do we want Milage like the Maruti Ad says...

My verdict to those who value their money ( If you have a Lenia in your parking lot this aint for you) buy only those vehicles that give you peace of mind in the long run... you may not sell your car nut your friends will rub the salt in saying the value is now half the price. The next thing is service remember the Amaron Ad ... surely you would not wabt to stick your head into the hood in some far off place wondering what happened and in such an eventuality any repeat any good mechanic should be able to help you get back on the road. Some present cars are simply too good but if they stop then you have to tow the car to its workshop.

HOPE YOU GOT YOUR ANSWER : go for the K10 or better still wait some time and you will have a bigger basket to select from, maybe some smaller diesel cars too.

Posted: 2519 day(s) ago

Omkar K Dutt
I had purchased Palio ELX in 2002 and is still with me till date as I had excellent experience with Palio. Last year I have added Leenia because of very high quality of Fiat cars.
Service Cycle is very long.
Yes it is other auto dealers who mis lead the buyers about the resale poor service etc.
All said and done your choice of Punto is the right one. I bet you will enjoy. Good Luck.

Posted: 2518 day(s) ago

Raju Mohod
Hi dear friend,
i have get suggest everyone friend so Thanks alot. now i will free for buy fiat punto. my friend suggest to me go for Maruti swift but Swift is now old generation in the market( now it common car) & Punto is new genearion car ,new look ,more feature compare to swift same cost. so i will like drive & buy punto

Thanks ! & Regards

Posted: 2518 day(s) ago

Punto is undoutably an excellent allround car than swift ..
it is spacious ,hot looking,better handling, more on comfort,stabler car

Posted: 1661 day(s) ago

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