the avg running of my car is 200 km month My budget is

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the avg running of my car is 200 km/ month. My budget is around 8 lacs. Keeping into consideration the increassing petrol costs, is it advisable for me to go for a diesel car?(I hope the diesel cars in the market are nt the diesel cars 5 yrs back) Im concerned about the mileage, spare parts costs, maintenance and comfort. Please suggest me a car.
  • 2582 day(s) ago by Ankush Gulati
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Ravinder Singh
Swift Desire is best in this category.

Posted: 2581 day(s) ago

You should go for only a Petrol car. Diesel car make sense on drive atleast 1500km/month. Let's look a simple calculation:

For a Pertol car lets imagine you get an 10KM/Liter and price of Petrol as 67, so u need to fill 20 liters per month 20*67=1340. You spend Rs 1340 per month.

For a Diesel car lets imagine you get an 15KM/Liter and price of Diesel as 40, so u need to fill 13.5 liters per month 13.5*40=540. You spend Rs 540 per month.

Actual savings per month for a Diesel car would be Rs 800 per month, but you need to invest 1Lakh more for a Diesel car additionaly insurence premium Rs 2000 more each year for a Diesel car and Rs 1000 more on each service for a Diesel car.

Posted: 2581 day(s) ago

Mahesh S Pillai
Dear Friend what i suggest is you can go for swift desire price tag will be around 7.5 to 8 millage in highways around 19 km in city 16 value for money and resell value .

Posted: 2581 day(s) ago

indigo manza would be an ideal choice ,same engine as the linea and swift but having more features and space than dezire very good vfm product ,test drive the vehicles urself and then decide ,do not go by the image tata cars had 5 yrs back ,their products and services have improved in a major way ,maybe it is the matter of survival.

Posted: 2581 day(s) ago

In the budget range mentioned you can go for diesel version IndigoMnaza.There wont be huge diff in maintenance of diesel version compared to petrol.

Posted: 2576 day(s) ago

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