I own a second hand Santro Xing 2003 model retrofitted with

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I own a second hand Santro Xing 2003 model retrofitted with CNG having done 1.25 lac kms in Delhi.

When i initially provide ignition to the car,after a few seconds the engine shuts down with a lot of vibrations and i had to crank it again.

The car is not able to pick up in traffic on petrol and when driven on AC mode feels heavy to pull, that is, accelerator paddle needs to be pressed till it touches the floor. Sometimes the engine looses all its power suddenly in the midst of traffic and i had to pull my car to road side. Also the mileage i get is too less and the clutch paddle is too hard to press.

When driven on CNG the car is missing race and is misfiring.

Showed it to different mechanics and got different replies.
According to one clutch plates need to be changed and throttle body cleaned, according to another one its the problem related to valves and they need to be replaced. Third one told that its the problem with crankshaft-timing sprocket assembly, that is, the portion of crankshaft on which timing sprocket is placed has weared off and this needs to be rectified by repairing of crankshaft,also the fuel pump needs to be cleaned.

I am confused and don't know with whose opinion i should go with.

I need the help of Car trade India expert so that i can
get the problems in my car rectified.

Thanks in advance.
  • 2590 day(s) ago by SHOBHIT
Under: Hyundai Santro Xing #Engine-related
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The problem seems to be in fuel supply system or in ignition timing settings.Please get the same checked and repaired.

Posted: 2588 day(s) ago

Major running (50000Kms+)on CNG effects the engine heads/piston as they get worn out faster due to high heat emitted by burning CNG.If the problem what u explained is only in petrol running(no problem with CNG running even after proper tuning)you can solve the problem by resetting the ECU by disconnecting the battery for 5 mins.

Posted: 2587 day(s) ago

Santro Xing
@ Shiva Shankar: Sir, Is ignition timing related to timing sprocket fixed at one end of the crankshaft or is it something else? And by fuel supply you mean to say fuel pump? What should i ask the mechanic in outside garage to fix as i can't go to Hyundai workshop as they charge too much money for the work?

@ Varinder: My car is misfiring when ascending an inclination and also looses power in CNG mode. How can i reset the ECU by disconnecting the battery? It would be better for me if you can explain the procedure in detail.
Also what about the statements given by different mechanics which i posted above? Which whom advice i should go with to get my car fixed up?

Posted: 2586 day(s) ago

With repect to crankshaft, it has to be inspeted in person by taking out the cover.As far as the kind of problemis concerned the chances of problem with crankshaft is very less.
Give the vehicle to service and ask the mechanic to set ignition timing properly and also check if fuel supply is proper.Later run the car in petrol mode only for some time.If the problem still persists then the head cover has to be opened to check condition of valves and rings.

Posted: 2586 day(s) ago

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