Hi I Own a 2007 honda accord automatic and am planning to

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Hi I Own a 2007 honda accord automatic, and am planning to exchange it for a 2007 Merc C 220 automatic diesel which has done 33000km. How expensive is it to maintain the merc? what are the expenses i can expect in the next 2 yrs. I hardly spend any money on the accord, just the regular services once every 3 months.
  • 2534 day(s) ago by Albert
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since u are buying a car which has run just 33000kms u can expect to have the pleasure of driving the merc for another 50000 kms without much trouble,the increase in expenses would be around 30% in comparsion but then u are driving one of the best cars .as said earlier number of times HANTHI PALNE KA SHAUCK RAKHTE HO TO KHILANA TO PAREGA HI.

Posted: 2534 day(s) ago

Wagon R
I agree with Rajiv. If you want to drive a merc then you should be prepared to spend the extra amount for maintenance.

Posted: 2533 day(s) ago

As mentioned above theere can be huge difference in maintenance cost of Merc compared to Accord due to cost of spares.No doubt there is huge interval betweeenmaintenance schedules of merc hwoever one has laso to be prepared for the spares damages due to minor accidents also.Overall it will be worth going for merc provided maintenance is not a constraint otherwise Accord is comparitively better.

Posted: 2533 day(s) ago

Nilabh Jha
If its not for an accident, then maintenance for both the cars are identical as both don't need any expect regular Oil Filter change. For accidental damage you do have insurance, right? In terms of fuel efficiency Merc is better here, as it is a diesel.

In nutshell, this is not you regular elephant which eats more.

One word of caution though, do look thoroughly through the car, any problem that already exists, including minor scratches on the upholstery, should be deducted for as they are expensive.

Posted: 2532 day(s) ago

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