is it advisible to install cng kit in Haundai i20

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is it advisible to install cng kit in Haundai i20.
  • 2599 day(s) ago by Bharat Jaiswal
Under: Hyundai i20 #Cars
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Considering peformance investment,mileage of hyundai i20,it wont be worth fitting CNG Kit.

Posted: 2599 day(s) ago

epends on ur usage,if ur running is very high u can fit it with an approoved fitment centre and get it endoeced on the r.c but first check with ur sevrive centre so that the warranty is not void.on cng there will be a slight loss of power.

Posted: 2598 day(s) ago

A R Srivathsa


Posted: 2598 day(s) ago

3 Things u have to watch out for :
1)Warranty wil be void
2)Make sure if only u r usage is minimum around 60 kms /day
3)Gas shud be fitted in an RTO licenced LPG Fitting Company like LONGAS and u shud endorse it in u r RC book
3)The power wil be decreased and maintenance cost is also low.

Posted: 2598 day(s) ago

it is advisable to get ur car converted to cng,the average difference between a cng run car and a petrol run car is around rs 2.50 per km ,assuming that ur cars engine needs overhaul on 1lac kms which is minimum an average modern car runs before engine overhaul u would have saved 2.5 lacs on fuel bills so even if u spend 50k on overhaul u still save 2 lacs .so go ahead and get it converted from a reputed and authorized fitment centre .as regards ifs and buts well theres no limit to that.although i dont own a cng vehicle but ive seen cars like honda accords and camrys queing at cng reffilling centres,the only promlem which i find is long ques at reffiling centres

Posted: 2597 day(s) ago

My question is why the Company fitted CNG variant is not made available. It is well known that Warranty is void if there are any such modifications - ever thought why. These modifications were pretty easy with older cars with traditional Carburators but after the advent of MPFI and other systems that are electronically controlled the modification meant tampering with an absolutly healty factory setting. So even if it meant saving of a lack of Rupees over a period of time imagine having to queue for supplies and the fear that the vehicle may stop anywhere at any time. Some things are best to leave alone and enjoy them the way they are.

Posted: 2597 day(s) ago

as written earlier most of the companies are having dual fuel vehicles example maruti ,they are already having wagon r duo for the past two years ,even hyundai is having accent with company fitted gas kit ,G.M. 's aveo is there and now maruti has decided to produce every model with gas kit as an option and Mr venkatshwaran these companies spend millions on r& d before launching a product in the market and for ur information none of these vehicles are carburatted,so intead of misleading people by posting wrong info on a public platform pls brush up ur facts and do not scare people ,if cng was not safe then lacs of people would be burnt to death who travel by public tranport in metro cities ,the whole fleet of dtc runs on cng after supreme court oder which stopped the usage of diesel in public transport due to pollution and for ur info cng is a much greener fuel in comparsion to diesel.

Posted: 2596 day(s) ago

Hey Venky ,
imagine what happens if you stepped out of your house and a stone fell on your head imagine the moment you took a turn and the stearing jammed imagine you travelling at 100kms and the brake failed ,there is no limit to imagination ,if a cng fitted car stops all of a sudden you can switch to petrol mode and travel again getting a gas kit fitted in your car does not mean you shouldnt be keeping a single litre of petrol in your car.IMAGINEEEEEEEEE.

Posted: 2596 day(s) ago

Pankaj Shah
i want to fit CNG kit in my hyundai sports petrol i20 its a success or not

Posted: 2595 day(s) ago

it is successful provided the fitment is done by experts of the trade and u are ready to shell out money for a quality product.

Posted: 2595 day(s) ago

Dev Kumar Gupta
why CNG is not fitted by Hyundai as Petrol is much costlier then anything else. so engineers should think over.

Posted: 2363 day(s) ago

CNG in I20 would be no problem at problem with the engine if u run 2 kms everyday on petrol in morning to moist the system.Otherwise no issue for next 1.50 lac Kms.You would save huge amount of money as cost of running on CNG is almost 1/3 of petrol.considering 100000 Kms drive on CNG and taking current prices of petrol and CNG u would save rs. 520000 taking average in petrol 9 and CNG 11.So decide.You will recoer the money even if put sequential kit which has a separate ECu aand works like MPFI.

Posted: 2362 day(s) ago

Monu Sharma
i want to fit cng in my i20 era model but please tell me which one is better nomal or sequential
noraml is of 24000 rs and sequential is of 54000 rs
is normal cng cause problem or not

Posted: 2167 day(s) ago

i want to purchase new car ritz, beat or i120 but confuse between petrol or cng

Posted: 2053 day(s) ago

Patel Parth
Howmuch Cost For Fitting CNG kit in Hyundai i 20

Posted: 1597 day(s) ago

Hi All,
My I 20 Does not run on CNG ..may I know the reason why
I have installed BRC cng kit and when I put to Cong from petrol does not start on petrol ...have check with Hyundai , they said you need to change your setting then it will start I need to go all the time there ny permanent solution of this problem.

Pls help

Posted: 1222 day(s) ago

Manish Joshi
I want to purchase New i 20 elite cng does company provide company fitted cng in new car

Posted: 1103 day(s) ago

Can anyone tell me if installing a CNG kit on a Creta would be an ideal option to opt for keeping in mind 45-50kms daily and not to forget the odd n even thingi in Delhi.?Thoughts.

Posted: 795 day(s) ago

I want to fit CNG in my i20 2014 model what mileage does it give in CNG....any one having this car with CNG please answer my question. my car runs 90 Kms daily and it is getting very expensive in petrol any suggestions.

Posted: 498 day(s) ago

i want to fit cng kit in may i20 car please suggest me which make kit is good for i20 asta 1.2

Posted: 468 day(s) ago

Ravi Kumar
I have i20 sportz 2010, around 48000km its now. I want to convert into CNG. Is it sutable for conversion or not. Plz let me know.

Posted: 360 day(s) ago

I have i20 2014 model and i had conveted it in cng sequential, its really wonderful experience on riding in cng and simulteneously resolve cost on petrol .... enjoy dont get scared wiht negative answers..ok Thanks

Posted: 297 day(s) ago

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