I wish to have a factory fitted CNG car but we do not have

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I wish to have a factory fitted CNG car but we do not have a
CNG filling station in my home town Mirzapur U.P., or even
adjoining town Allahabad or Varanasi. Any idea when we can
expect to have CNG filling facility to these town? Will these
CNG cars can run using petrol as well, if so will it be suitable for long distance drive. Please confirm.
  • 2603 day(s) ago by CB Dubey
Under:   #Cars
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Anudeep Thommandru
If you are interested for CNG car, it is well and good. I do not have a idea about when there would be a CNG station starting in your area but you can use the car perfectly in Petrol and there are no issues for long drives at all. The engine life is good when you use the car in Petrol and if you use the CNG, there might be some worn and torn as there is no Lubrication in engine as CNG consists air in most. So go a head with CNG car and use it in petrol without any doubt. I wish you all the best for your new car.

Posted: 2603 day(s) ago

buying a cng variant with no cng available presently will not be a very good idea ,cng is available in agra and near moradabad in u.p and it will take time to be available in a remote town like mirzapur ,u wiil be blocking 50k presently ,u can always get it installed later on when it is available in ur city ,even when it is available in bigger cities like allahabad or varansi ,idont think u will drive 150km to get a refill ,cng is a greener fuel but does need higher maintainance .

Posted: 2603 day(s) ago

CNG cars usually have a smaller tank for petrol to run as standby so it might not be a great idea to wait for CNG and try long distance stints on petrol.If you are in need to buy a car for the long run find out the fuel tank capacity in the new car as modification may null the warranty.

Posted: 2603 day(s) ago

If thevehicle is dual fuel versions then it can be run with both CNG and petrol or diesel as required.It will be convenient to go for CNG versions if supply is available in proximity area.

Posted: 2602 day(s) ago

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