My budget is 5 6 lacs Please suggest me the best car to

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My budget is 5-6 lacs. Please suggest me the best car to buy. I have thought of choosing among Swift and Figo? But not able to decide on the version. Also heard that new swift is coming in couple of months. I need features like power windows, gear change indicator, in the back is it possible for 4 persons can manage... Am totally confused which one to buy. Please help me out. I would prefer diesel. But heard that diesel cars should be run everyday or else it will not work if not run for 2-3 days continously. Please help
  • 2550 day(s) ago by Amitava
Under: Maruti Swift #Cars
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It is better to wait for a New Swift diesel, it has got increased length, width and height. Gear change indicator is available only in Hyundai i10. If you want them you can buy from

Today's Diesel car engine are much better and can be kept idel even for 2 to 3 Weeks.

Posted: 2549 day(s) ago

I believe your usage should decide petrol or diesel; If your usage is less like 500-800 kms/month, then petrol would work out better. I'm not sure if seating 4 people comfortably at the back is possible in any hatchback (or sedans). Though diesel engines nowadays are more refined, I'm not sure how long they can be kept idle.

Between Swift and Figo, I would choose Swift. Rather I would not choose Figo because of my reservations against Ford for poor maintenance. I've been hearing maintenance issues with Ford (more with diesel). Though nowadays we hear that Ford has improved and the costs of the spares have also reduced, I'm still not confident enough.

Posted: 2549 day(s) ago

ford figo is avery good car and gone are the days when ford use to exploit customers with expensive spare and service ,figo is the first car to have achieved sales figures for ford and was awarded best hatchback award in 2010 .swift is also a very good car but the present model is very common and lacks modern features .

Posted: 2549 day(s) ago

Grande Punto
dear go for fiat punto diesel... onece u buy u will be addcict to fiat.. beleieve me its much much much better than swift as swift people copying the fiat engine.. u know recenly maruti calls 13000 vehicles back to repair them as they hav used wronk crank pin as result of more knocking .. soo better fgo for fiat punto more feature

Posted: 2549 day(s) ago

Going by the high sales and proven performance,Swift would be a satisfactory selection.If prepared to try something new with high reliability then worth test driving Fiat Punto.

Posted: 2549 day(s) ago

Go for Ford Figo. Now the spares are cheap & easily available. They have manufacturing plant at Chennai. I own it & satisfied with it.

Posted: 2548 day(s) ago

the figo is so so car, I would definitely not recommend a Fiat car, they are pain to run and maintain. The Chevrolet Beat Diesel is going to be launched in June. They say it will give the highest mileage and a lot of research is gone into it. I am pretty sure you would get a fully loaded top end Beat diesel within your budget.

Posted: 2547 day(s) ago

I suggest wait for the Tata Nano diseil to offer around 30 to 35 km/liter of diseil.....will be called TATA DINO ......i.e DIseil NAno.

Posted: 2547 day(s) ago

Amitava Chakrabarty
TATA Nano will be very small. I would prefer something close the new SWIFT since suzuki seems to have modified interiors. not sure of the price though and the launch date. also waiting period will be there.. so confused whether to wait or to buy something now since my requirement is to buy within couple of weeks timeframe.. i20 is highly over-priced. Figo you can make out the cost cutting part in the interiors... heard a lot about fiat punto in category where looks are good, fuel efficient, price worthy... any suggestions??? Should I buy Punto Emotion or Punto Emotion PK???

Also in SWIFT I heard everything is good except bit low quality interiors.. I do want to short-list 2-3 vehicles and then only go for test drive. Otherwise its loss of time for both the parties...

Posted: 2546 day(s) ago

If Swift and Punto have the same engine and you have the confidence in TATA Motors then why not. Swift is a proven car.I love the shape of the Punto and its rear is not as bad looking as the Swift.Diesel or Petrol depends on your usage but gone are those days when Diesel engines needed lots of power to crank and start and were noisy, infact it is a little difficult to tell the difference between the two just going by the engine noise and vibration. So Punto if you feel adventourous and Swift if you wanna play safe.... and did I hear Beat .... who ever designed the car just decided to raise the bonnet a bit and fit in the Headlights ....yuk so ugly.

Posted: 2546 day(s) ago

Wagon R
It is not without reason that the Ford Figo Diesel was adjudged as the "Car of the Year" from amongst a whole lot of competition. Dear friend this is the car for you. Go for it.

Posted: 2545 day(s) ago

Nares Singla
wich is best car betwen 4 and 6 lakh

Posted: 1844 day(s) ago

wt about fiat punto

Posted: 1841 day(s) ago


Posted: 1841 day(s) ago

bst car if i have to suggest is ford figo i am using and i m satisfied with this

Posted: 1829 day(s) ago

mercedes 120 in england dollars 500

Posted: 1808 day(s) ago

Rikin Dalal
I have buyd a new swift i want. To know...from where i should fitted the accerioes such as...power window and please let me know..????????

Posted: 1313 day(s) ago

go for hyundai xcent diesel base variant..

Posted: 1313 day(s) ago

I am thinking to buy maruti baleno at the comparison of maruti suzuki swift vxi......

plz suggest me what car is best for me in the range of 5-6 lakhs.......

Posted: 891 day(s) ago

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