What is the life span of swift diesel engine in KMs

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What is the life span of swift diesel engine in KMs?
  • 4430 day(s) ago by Kamal Kumar
Under:   #Cars
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Generlly life span a a diesel car engine up to 1.5Lac km.Number of problems bound to increase after 1.0Lac KM.

Posted: 4427 day(s) ago

Joginder Singh
which car engine is best

Posted: 2805 day(s) ago

Big G
I have a swift diesel. Done 120000 kms. I am not facing any engine issues. Only issues are regular running repairs, like wheel bearing changes, clutvh change and tyre change. Modern diesel cars can last for 3 to 4 lac kms.

Posted: 2796 day(s) ago

i have my swift vdi. 2010 model.. it ran upto 173400kms... till now i have changed the oil and no engine work has given to me.. ausm car with good decent mileage 23kmpl

Posted: 2758 day(s) ago

Sanjeev Garg
i have done 10000km in last 4 months. No any issue. Its the best car in its segment.

Posted: 2624 day(s) ago

and what is the life of a petrol car engine?

Posted: 2624 day(s) ago

3 lakhs

Posted: 2190 day(s) ago

Sanjeev Aggarwal
My Dzire Vdi has done 84000Kms. Till now no engine problems. Only Shockers, Battery and Tyres changed once. Giving decent milage and excellent pickup. Running like new without any abnormal sound or problem.

Posted: 2100 day(s) ago

Sanjeev Aggarwal
I have seen one swift which has run 2.85Lakh Kms. As per Driver only clutch work done apart regular maintenance.

Posted: 2100 day(s) ago

I am purchased old swift vxi 2008 model of 1.3 petrol engine completed 80000 km what is max life of engine weather its life has completed pl guide me

Posted: 1750 day(s) ago


Posted: 1749 day(s) ago

Naresh Chowdary
I plan to Bye Swift VDI Car , 2 days back I saw one car 2008 Model , 77K Kms .
How much should I Invest ?

Posted: 1724 day(s) ago

2.75 to2.85

Posted: 1718 day(s) ago

1.10 to 1.30

Posted: 1696 day(s) ago

Hi guys, i am planning to buy a swift vdi 2yrs old with 23k run. What should be price approximately.

Posted: 1691 day(s) ago

I have ford fiesta diesel 2008 model 150000 kms run upto how much maximum kms I can use the same car

Posted: 1673 day(s) ago

I plan to by swift dezire zdi 2015 model 50000 km run what is the prise expect

Posted: 1662 day(s) ago

Prateek Saxena
I have Swift dzire Zdi. It is awesome car. Running succesfully with no issues. If u r planning for second hand car , Then u can go with swift diesel .

Posted: 1641 day(s) ago

Prateek Saxena
For second hand swift dezire zdi which have completed 50000km .. the price would be 5 lac to 5.5 lac.

Posted: 1641 day(s) ago

Baba Pehalwaan
Don't get cheated. Swift desire top variant after 50k km should be 3.5 to 4 lakhs

Posted: 1641 day(s) ago

Sumukh Ravula
Prateek Saxena is liar. Don't get cheat I agree with baba.

Posted: 1641 day(s) ago

Suresh Sharma
Thanks baba.

Posted: 1641 day(s) ago

GUYZ how much can I pay for swift 2013 model....
Kms run 70000

Posted: 1632 day(s) ago

Vivek Sharma
I purchased swift Dzire VDI 2012 model on Feb 2016 Total kms running till now is 63,000 . now my question what will be the life of engine of this car..

Posted: 1631 day(s) ago

i want to buy 2011 swift dezire model single hand used mantained good tyre, good music system and 1,10,0000 km used how much should i can pay for that care

Posted: 1613 day(s) ago

How much can pay for ertiga 2013 model vdi or zdi

Posted: 1606 day(s) ago

Generaly Fiat engine last for 5 lac kms without any issue. i have punto 1 lac and my friends punto at 4.65 lacs without any issue

Posted: 1547 day(s) ago

How much I can pay for Ritz LDi 2011...1 lakh km driven???

Posted: 1545 day(s) ago

ritz how many kilom running vdi

Posted: 1544 day(s) ago

I plan to by swift ZDI 2013 model 80000 km run what is the price expect

Posted: 1542 day(s) ago

Dear all,

I am planning to buy swift 2012. 2 lakh km completed, how much I quot...pl reply..

Posted: 1517 day(s) ago

Dear all,

I am planning to buy swift 2012. 2 lakh km completed, how much I quot...pl reply.. URGENT

Posted: 1517 day(s) ago

definitely 2.5 to 2.8

Posted: 1508 day(s) ago

Hello Guys there is one Ritz VDI 135000 kms done 2009 model 1st owner what should be the price to buy pleaase advise

Posted: 1475 day(s) ago

Alto Ki 2009 model run around 75000kms what should be sale value in Bangalore. Well maintained condition and single hand sed car.

Posted: 1475 day(s) ago

what should be the price of xylo 2009 model and 80000km.

Posted: 1449 day(s) ago

swiftdzire ingein life

Posted: 1449 day(s) ago

hai what the life span of swift vxi engine and swift vdi engines ..pls anyone know give reply

Posted: 1442 day(s) ago

Gaurav Gaur
Maruti swift Vdi 2008 desiel .... 220000 km ...
Can anyone suggest me price ... worth to buy this type of car ...

Posted: 1412 day(s) ago

i have swift vdi abs 2014 model run 72000 kms no problem overall mileage 22 and above

Posted: 1408 day(s) ago

planning to buy used car. shortlisted 2 cars one is swift vdi 2011 run 1.5 lakh km. The next car is 2010 skoda fabia 1.2 tdi run 70k. Suggest which car & best price to both car

Posted: 1407 day(s) ago

Sai Kishhu
How much i can pay for swift dzire zdi 2013 model 72k kms run. All car experts please rply asap

Posted: 1397 day(s) ago

Hello my dear sir in plan a old swift bdi 2012 & run 148000km.
How much I can pay for this model plz all car experts reply asap

Posted: 1385 day(s) ago

I want to buy ertiga 2015 model in Hyderabad..

Posted: 1372 day(s) ago

I am planning to buy a 2011 model Fiat Punto 90HP Diesel with mileage of 1.5 lakh Kms.Seller is quoting 3.5 lakhs.How much should I pay.?

Posted: 1365 day(s) ago

guys what about to buy used car fiat punto ...upto howmany kilometers..life span for engine?

Posted: 1363 day(s) ago

What is the life of disel engine of Ritz

Posted: 1270 day(s) ago

What is the life of diesel engine of Ritz

Posted: 1270 day(s) ago

3 lakes kilometres is the life of engine more than that that is based on our driving and maintenance

Posted: 1265 day(s) ago

I am purchasing Swift dzire vdi 2013 model 40000 km run plz guide me wat I do weather I buy this car or not and wat about engine life 40000 km run already Plz tell me today

Posted: 1260 day(s) ago

I have a swift LDI which has run 1.37 LAC Km, decent vehicle and good milage, just change the oil regularly at every 10000 km intervals

Posted: 1249 day(s) ago

I wanna Purchase Swift Diesel model-2009 Please give advice about engine life, maintanance miliage and price..

Posted: 1242 day(s) ago

I want to buy a swift dezire 2011 model with 73000 km. what will be its rate

Posted: 1241 day(s) ago

My dzire vdi 94000 running no issues

Posted: 1235 day(s) ago

How much km a swift car can running smoothly with cng. And what is the value of swift desire with cng. Running km is 75k. Please suggest me

Posted: 1183 day(s) ago

I want to buy 2012 model swift dezire 67000 km used, Kindly suggest me the correct price

Posted: 1045 day(s) ago

WE are looking for swift car. if anybody give a suggestion, which price is good for swift 2012 model. Then, we can be able to buy a swift without debate.

Posted: 1018 day(s) ago

How much i should pay for 2007 Swift VDI, which is ran 90000 kms and second owner car. Please help Guys.

Posted: 1009 day(s) ago

Shiv Kumar
If you are looking for a long run then go for a car which is runned below 50k if above 50 k then look for big discount if you can get..

Posted: 958 day(s) ago

K.S N Raju
i am using Ritz car since 5 years, driven 1.3 l KM. No porblem in maitenance

Posted: 905 day(s) ago

I am planning to buy a 2014 model Swift ZDI with mileage of 47000 Kms. Seller is quoting 5.10 lakhs. How much should I pay.

Posted: 888 day(s) ago

I am going to purchase a swift vdi 2012 diesel having 73000km running
How much i pay for it....

Posted: 883 day(s) ago

Sudhanshu Lakhera
I like to buy a second hand swift ldi car, run 125000 km , diesel in price 350000 How much minimum lakhs kms it can be drive without any issue Reply must..

Posted: 856 day(s) ago

Sudhanshu Lakhera
I like to buy a second hand swift ldi car, run 125000 km , diesel in price 350000 How much minimum lakhs kms it can be drive without any issue Reply must..

Posted: 856 day(s) ago

Hi friends I am planning to buy swift dzire model 2009 vdi with 60000 km what is price I should offer

Posted: 812 day(s) ago

Hi sir i am planning to buy punto which done 96000 km it s good or not...

Posted: 811 day(s) ago

I plan to buy nissan micra xl diesel 2015. 47000km running. Single ownwer pls give your recommendation price

Posted: 789 day(s) ago

Rohit Jat
Planning to buy swift vdi 2007 model, 148000 run. Denting painting work is needed. What price shoul i go for he is asking 125000

Posted: 724 day(s) ago

I saw 2010 swift zxi car and it ran for 106000 kms how much I can buy this

Posted: 651 day(s) ago

Gurumahantesh Kalmath
Hi, u dont believe but its true my swift vdi 2009 model is presently showing 5,70,777 kms and still gives 20kms per litre with AC and iam stillenjoy the ride
Tyres avg 50000 kms each set
Iam using 205/60R14
Just love my swift

Posted: 575 day(s) ago

I own a Swift VDi 2008 model and drew more than 160,000 km with mileage at 21 kmpl on AC, of course replaced shocks, tires, clutch...

Posted: 549 day(s) ago

Shiva B
HI have Swift Dzire which I have driven 6,85,000 no engine issue till date other except usual wear and tears like tires, shocks, batteries which is appropriate.

Posted: 546 day(s) ago

Swift Vdi 2013 160000 km runing what price I buy good for us
Plz suggest me good price

Posted: 542 day(s) ago

How much should I pay for swift zdi top model 2016 and it have completed 140000 kms

Posted: 201 day(s) ago

Wagnor vxi model 2016 245000 lakh km running
I am not facing any engine issues. Only issues wheel bearing changes, clutvh change and tyre change.....

Posted: 63 day(s) ago

Sachin Dandel
I am going to buy swift vdi 2008 model with 3 Lakh km,
Please suggest me price and what will in future problems of car also engine.

Posted: 53 day(s) ago

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