Hi What is the road tax rate in kerala Also can I buy a

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What is the road tax rate in kerala? Also can I buy a car i kerala & use it in Bangalore without paying any additional tax? I was told that now we can buy vehicle anywhere in India & use it anywhere
  • 2596 day(s) ago by Ranjith
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Yes. You can buy car use your personal use in anywhere in India which can be buy from anywhere in India. No additional tax is there.

Posted: 2594 day(s) ago

Though I'm not sure of the tax rate in Kerala, I believe Karnataka has one among the highest tax rate. My friend, who bought a Ritz last year from Kerala, claims he got it cheaper by 30k as compared to Karnataka. Actually speaking, one needs to pay road tax on moving to another state for a long time. However, for short trips, it is not needed. However, one may typically argue "how will the cop prove/disprove that I've moved here permanently; I'll say I came here just a few days back etc etc". The rules are not proper/clear here, so I cannot comment on this. Also from what I hear, vehicles from other state are more visible to cops :/

Posted: 2594 day(s) ago

Road tax rate in kerala is very lesser than Karnataka and tamilnadu,if u register ur car in kerala there will be no probelem. if u register ur car in Karnataka there might be a state enter tax. so contact ur auditor, i have faced this probelem (state enter tax in tamilnadu is 12.5% in on road cost), moving to another state for a long time is not advisable, as Rakesh said vehicles from other state are more visible to cops

Posted: 2594 day(s) ago

Road tax has to be payed if used from different state for long time. Aas mentioned by Rakesh, it can be used anywhere till frequently cheked by traffic police.

Posted: 2593 day(s) ago

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Hi All,

Thanks for the imputs

Posted: 2592 day(s) ago

Entry tax was quashed by high court because it's against the constitution.

Road tax is to be checked by rto not cops. There is a high Court judgement on that too.

Posted: 1704 day(s) ago

Only more than one year stay you have to change. So a trip to hosur once a year or a petrol bill from another state and rto cant do any thing

Posted: 1704 day(s) ago

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