i have purchaded a 2005 swift two days back from first

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i have purchaded a 2005 swift two days back from first choice. i observed that in 2nd gear after leaving the race pedal the car is running at 20km/hr & even after 5kms drive the side of front body above engine gets heated up & meter is slightly above 50% indication i have checked the coolant levels also i found that in 10ltrs petrol the car gave me an average of 6-7km/ltr. Pl. advice what is the problem.
  • 4530 day(s) ago by Atul
Under: Maruti Swift #Cars
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The problem is "swift".. The car is good only in terms of performance..

Posted: 4530 day(s) ago

Rajesh Narula
Show it immediately to First Choice people. They must have given you the certificate of warranty . Infact I would recommend that you should first show the car at the workshop of Maruti Service Masters. They will be able to judge the exact problem as well any other prblem that might exist in the car.It is good that you have shared this problem with others , so that we people shall also be vigilant while buying a car from from First Choice.

Posted: 4530 day(s) ago

First Choice are good firstly choosing "Bakra" customers to put "Topi".
Atul, don't waste your time, simply return the car and ask for refund even if they deduct 5-10 thousand rupees, its okay. good riddance. Hope you will get rid of the problem.

Posted: 4530 day(s) ago

Engine Heatup is Huge problem and it exist when The car run without collent by the first owner of the car so the Probelm exist and he immediatly sold the car to avoid huge maitenance of the car.pls Ask this problem to first choice immdiatly or better for you to Cancel the deal

Posted: 4530 day(s) ago

There is problem with temperature switch and cooling system ,It needs thorough inspection.Its quite surprising to here about Low mileage .Low mileage can be concluded only with mileage test with garage equipments.There is no need to panic. Plz take it to service center and problem will be solved.

Posted: 4530 day(s) ago

Atul,You have trusted first choice but i think they have cheated you.Now let me come to the point.Either your RPM is kept high,so the engine tend to raise high the result is you woudnt get mileage.Please check with a good mechanic.

Posted: 4530 day(s) ago

Problem lies in the colling liquid circulation , it seems somewhere choked. Please get this verified at some reputed garrage .
Either the pump is not working properly or the path is clogged .

Posted: 4530 day(s) ago


Posted: 4528 day(s) ago

Sanjay Kumar Singh
Don't panic check the fuse of the radiator fan and for a try open the bonnet and start the car and idle it for some time till the temperature meter goes more than half way mark and check whether the radiator fan starts. It may be all due to malfunctioning of the radiator fan. If it is so, don't use the car till you get is fix it properly. For better advice show it to maruti dealer.

Posted: 4528 day(s) ago

Ameya Deshpande
the car running at 20km/hr in second gear with accelerator is not at all a problem i tried same with my alto the result was same,
And if u drove car in seconds gear for 5 kms then any engine will get heated and will give you same average you can calculate you fuel efficiency only when your car is running in 5th gear

Posted: 4526 day(s) ago

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