I had given my Hyundai car for a full servicing The

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I had given my Hyundai car for a full servicing. The service centre returned the car without refilling the engine oil. I drove the car for 60 kms thereafter. Crackling sound was heard and then i had discovered the absence of oil in the engine. Contacted the service centre and the after repairs, said that, few bearings were replaced.

Without any mistake on my part i suffered due to the negligence of the service centre. Now i am facing mileage issues in the car.

Want to replace the car with a new one. How much should i expect since it is only 15 months old car and is the top model of hyundai Santro Xing.

At the same time, what action should i take against the service providers, who caused the pre mature death of the engine. I am carrying all the proofs and documents which clearly shows the negligence of the service personnel. Though they have shrugged off all responsibility and claim that i am lying about everything, despite the documents showing otherwise.

The car is in a perfect looking condition and has clocked 27000 kms
  • 2628 day(s) ago by Dr K J Scaria
Under: Hyundai Santro Xing #Miscellaneous
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just go to the consumer court,use right information act

Posted: 2627 day(s) ago

Ask the Branch service manager to replace the New engine, if not then highlight the issues to Hyundai Service Customer Manager, still if you do not get the responce then collect all complain, issues, Hyundai's responces and approach to the consumer court.

Posted: 2627 day(s) ago

try to approach he reginonl manager of hyundai and write your problem and componsesation. try to have every record if your mailing , post ,calling or going yourself, if they reslove your problem then its fine otherwise go to consumer court.


Posted: 2627 day(s) ago

As mentioned by Mantra it is advisable to have all doucuments, follow up hyundai regional manager and if they fail to provide satisfactory solution then you can approach consumenr court.You can sell the car after complete settlement of issue.

Posted: 2626 day(s) ago

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