hi sir i literally purchased sonata gold v6 2003 model

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hi sir i literally purchased sonata gold v6 2003 model condition is good but i am worried about its milage and maintenace i hav a day left now before paying to dealer i thought i will convert it to cng will it feasible? or should i go for some other car like crv or endevour please answer as soon as possible


  • 2606 day(s) ago by Mir
Under: Hyundai Sonata #Miscellaneous
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Buy and Alto and get a CNG kit

Posted: 2605 day(s) ago

if u can afford to buy cr v or endv then definitely go for endv bcoz sonata gold is an outdated model with an average of around 6kmpl ,ford endv would be a better choice with very good interiors and comfortable ride ,im suggesting endv as i own one, ive personal experience about the car its a premium suv and sonata gold stands nowhere in comparision.i do not think u would prefer standing in long ques battling with cab drivers for getting cng refilled ,i dont.

Posted: 2605 day(s) ago

Hindustan Motors
Better go for Endevour!!!

Posted: 2605 day(s) ago

It wont be a good idea in fitting CNG kit to sonata.Better option would be to go for Ford Endeavour.

Posted: 2603 day(s) ago

Swapnil Nau

First of all, there is no model available saying Sonata Gold V6, u can get either Sonata Gold 2.0L 4 Cylinder Engine, or Sonata 2.7 V6.

I don't think Mr. Rajiv's Endevour is much older, go & ask why n nos. of Endevours are for sale? Ford is in the hit list of the heavy maintenance cost & High spare cost which i have seen people paying, just for few spare replacement of this box, 45,000/- INR is required.

I agree Sonata Gold delivers only 6KMPL, but in city- bumper to bumper traffic with AC, but in diesel vehicles whatever u r saving today, u have to spend double on maintenance. After purchasing, just because u can't affroad u cannot just expect good resale value for your vehicle. Also here onwards, diesel prices are also rising, also the diesel vehicle's insurance premium has also shooted up.

I am spending Approximate 9 to 10 K/ Annum average for servicing (including spares else it's just 4,500/-).
And i am happy with my car.

The smoothness, silent & rich comfort, pumping pick up, the brand seden luxury which Sonata gives, this junk box can not give, i felt like i am driving a tractor when i drove my friend's Endevour ( I am not commenting on Brand new vehiches, the used one which r for sale in used car market).

I suggest better to not to select V6 varient as it's milage as i have understood is just 3.5 to 4 Kms / L as it's a Automatic vehicle but it's best in it's class but not best for pocket.


Posted: 2521 day(s) ago

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