hello sir I want to buy a diesel sedan car with good

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hello sir,
I want to buy a diesel sedan car with good mileage,low maintainence cost and having good interiors.My budget is around 7 lacs. I shortlisted two cars
1. Fiesta Classic Lxi
2. Swift Dzire vdi
please help me out that which one is better among these two. Also appericiate if u suggest some another choice according to my budget.
looking forward to your reply.
thank you in advance.
  • 2629 day(s) ago by Ankush Mahajan
Under: Ford Fiesta #Cars
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I think u have to Go for Swift Dzire.. Coz of Low Maintenance and Mileage of 24 kmpl on highways....but the rear Seat leg Room is too less. I think u can test drive Indigo eCS It offers same kind of performance and gives u a very spacious cabin and rear seat leg room and also a boot space.

Posted: 2629 day(s) ago

Deepam Morparia
Check out - Indigo Manza - Comparison done by Car trade in the past.

Posted: 2629 day(s) ago

Dear friend,
As per ur budget u can get Manza,Dzire,Fiesta,Logan.
Now if you need good mileage then nothing beats the Logan.
However it's taxi image may be a displeasure.

Then the other three cars are in line.
In the engine front, both Dzire and Manza use Fiat's Multijet engine so kinda the performance has to be near about the same.
But have a look at the specifications of these two cars and you'll find the Manza is a better buy!
Need reasons?
Well here they are:
1)Space wise- Dzire feels to cramped for rear seat people where as Manza has the best in its class rear space. Rather its rear space as compared a segment higher. Its a big car from outside to the inside, so you feel the cabin a lot more spacious.
2)Gadgets- At the same price and model level if you compare with Dzire, you get plenty of featurs and gadgets added to the car making it a buy.
3)Power- though they both use the same engine, TATA engineers have tweaked it a little and you will find the changes once you get back to the wheel where you get higher power and good control.

In all I would suggest you go for the Manza.

Also the ford is an equally good product worth considering but then Manza scores over features,looks,dynamics and VFM car

Posted: 2628 day(s) ago

hi, i would suggest u should take a test ride of Indigo eCS as suggested by Hardeep. i think it is a good car with good mileage and power with lot of space and quiet a good interiors. Its a value for money. OR you can go for tata manza also.

Posted: 2628 day(s) ago


Manza is a good car, no doubt about it, But there is a lackness in tata products, that thing is a QUALITY LEVEL, The fit and finish is not up to the mark if u compare same with Dezire, However the DDIS engine is very good engine in dezire well reputed, and well stablished.

Tata after sale service as u know that,
"no words 4 them" but there is a problem in dezire rear seat that is a leg room space, but not too bad, my height is 5'10 , but i have'nt faced any problem, that was just ok.

And u nver know when tata cars come in to cab's series....
My option is swift dezire coz TAG does work a lottttttttt.

Posted: 2627 day(s) ago

To select one among the two, Swift Dzire would be better on account of cost effectiveness,maintenance cost.Alternatively Indigo Manza would be better for its power,overall features and performance,price.

Posted: 2627 day(s) ago

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