any easy way to calculate the mileage of car and is it

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any easy way to calculate the mileage of car. and is it advisable to fill nitrogen air instead of normal air for wheels.
  • 2604 day(s) ago by Javed Ahmed
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Easy method of calculating mileage is to note down the reading in fuel gauge and fill fuel (say 5 liters or so)also notedown odometer reading. Run the vehicle and note down odometer reading when fuel gauge reaches the mark at the time of filling fuel.Total KM covered and fuel filled will give indication on KMPL.

Posted: 2604 day(s) ago

there can be several methods to calculate.
1st- when fuel goes on reserve a light blinks(if an option is there) then you can fil the fuel tank(say ten litres) ,take the odometer reading and when that light blinks you can see the reading and fid out is average.

2nd full the tank, take the odometer reading and after driving say approx 200km again full the tank and note down the litres of fuel and calculate. this method is more accurate


Posted: 2604 day(s) ago

Nitrogen gas is considered to be a gas having lower temperature when it is isolated . It is excellent for the tyres as it avoids excessive wear and tear of tyres where the temperatures are very high or when u r a race driver doing drifts and driving furiously

Posted: 2603 day(s) ago

R Santosh Nair
Fill the fuel tank in full. Take to the city and drive 50 kms. Go for a refill. You can do the math yourself. Repeat the same for highway mileage.

Nitrogen is better for tyres but is expensive. Tyres have a life of 35000 to 42000 Kms. Average user uses these for 3-4 years. Considering one refill every month (Rs. 30 per tyre), you would shed out Rs. 1440 per year for nitrogen and so Rs. 5760 for the life of the tyre (4 years). Average cost of replacing the tyres is Rs. 16000 (all tyres replaced). So if your tyres last 36% longer than using normal air (up to 57600 kms) then nitrogen would be better. So, if you drive much (say about 2500 kms a month) then nitrogen is worth. Otherwise the normal tyres refills will be economical. India does not have temperatures that melt rubber and I would not advice you to drive furiously. There are other parts in the car which have negative impact because of furious driving.

Posted: 2603 day(s) ago

I am residing at adambakkam, In my area(Indian oil bunk) if u fill fuel for 500 they offer free nitrogen for the wheels. and the nitrogen stay long up to 50 to 60 days in tyres.

Posted: 2601 day(s) ago

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