How should I improve in my driving While starting from

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How should I improve in my driving. While starting from zero (either I am crawling or at traffic signal) I see I am not getting the clutch position yet to start my car moving. Once I manage to move my vehicle on 1st gear I feel I should accelerate first before shifting to second gear as I used to sometimes not touch 10km speed, resulting slow start and also sometimes a jerk.

how to practice for slow driving in traffic without getting jerk?
  • 2637 day(s) ago by Rahul
Under: Maruti Wagon R #Cars
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use of clutch, we people pull are car in second gear even if the car is just moving like a turtle. this is done by pressing clutch halfway and accelerating it same time, resulting in more rpm and car to move without jerk,after the car moves then remove foot from clutch, this can only be done with practice, as pressing of clutch depends upon the movement of car, like the if the car is almost at zero then more clutch is pressed and after it moves then slowly release the clutch.

however excessive use of clutch also results in its wearout, so one should be careful while doing such practices in using clutch.

but with practice one can learn, everybody was begginer one day.

Posted: 2636 day(s) ago

S Joshi
Hey Rahul,

Are u new to driving? as this happens to everyone in the begining of driving, so feel free dont get panic in traffic, take your car to any open field and practice of stop & start method, try to drive in First & Second gear and be positive, gradually u will become expert, not to try pressing clutch off & on as this damage your new car. Dont worry in a span of 2-3 months it will be ok.

Posted: 2636 day(s) ago

Akhil Saji
take your car to open ground,and just feel your cars acceleration in there without anyones help...repeat the same many times...
make a rythm between your clutch-accelerator-and your toe...

it will be definitely al right...
go on!!

Posted: 2636 day(s) ago

practice will make u a perfect driver the only advice i can give ,dont panic, dont care what others might think if ur car stops on the road ,rest things will fall in place with practice.

Posted: 2636 day(s) ago

Wagon R
I see that I can crawl on first gear without touching clutch and accelerator and if I see vehicle next to me is stopping or stopped and moved then I can use break once and leave the controls and my vehicle will start moving further.

Is this also good method for slow traffic instead second gear with half-clutch?

Posted: 2635 day(s) ago

@rahul, obviously you can do so, the technique i mentioned requires less gear changes from 1st to second and you can go up to more speed in second gear than in 1st,
you can definately work with your technique too.


Posted: 2635 day(s) ago

You can follow the many ideas given above.Moreover practice in fields and later on less trafic roads and later on taking to high traffic zone will help a lot.We will soon come up with a review on driving tips for learners.

Posted: 2632 day(s) ago

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