How is SPARK overall what is ride qulity on rough

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How is SPARK overall?what is ride qulity on rough road?SPARK and ALTO has same capacity engine and both have more or less same price.Witch one is better for ride quality,pick-up,maintainnace,and long term usage?
  • 2582 day(s) ago by Dr Rajesh
Under: Chevrolet Spark #Cars
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this is quite a tough question is entirely based upon buyer's particular choice and liking towards any of the car given.
i like alto k10 becasue of better looks, maruti brand and very good resale value as person buying at this price band car has tendency to go above the segment.

Posted: 2582 day(s) ago

I think Chevvy Spark is a better choice. its in a segment above alto . spark has 998 cc engine n gives u 63 ps of power. the top end version is under heavy discont now a days ie below 4 lacs and comes loaded with all 4 power windows and 2 din music system. where as alto standard has 796 engine and just 47 ps of power which is bad in AC use. the K10 had 998 cc engine gives 68 ps power, marginally above spark but spark had more spacious interiors and more comfortable drive and ride. considering the brand name GM is a worldwide more respected brand than Suzuki, eave aside India image as people used to like even the ambassador also till they really came to realize the value of better options.its normal practice in India due to lack of information people stick to old brands because fear caused by ignorance. so i think spark is batter choice considering the two. marginally higher mileage alto gives should not be a prime consideration. the goodies in the spark should be considered as a better overall package.

Posted: 2581 day(s) ago

The advantage of Sparkis the better spacious interiors,fit and finish. Also warrranty coverage is more for Spark.Alto K10 has advantage of better power to weight ratio and better service network.Hence considering overall factors,AltoK10 would be better.If comparing with Alto then Spark would be much better selection.

Posted: 2581 day(s) ago

I fully agree with Rajneesh, he has conveyed it perfectly. Spark is a better choice

Posted: 2580 day(s) ago

ALTO K10 for better looks, better resale value, Service network,Maruti Suzuki is most established brand in India.


Posted: 2580 day(s) ago

Deepam Morparia
As a Car Spark would be better but as a complete package - considering Quality , Mainatnance , reliability , Fuel efficiency etc... Alto K10 would make more sense.
Spark will give you distinct different identity while Alto will give you me too identity.
It's your choice.

Posted: 2575 day(s) ago

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