Hi I am planning to drive nano for 900Kms Can i go for

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Hi, I am planning to drive nano for 900Kms, Can i go for it? or should i drop my plan?
Pl suggest
  • 2642 day(s) ago by Sam
Under: Tata Nano #Cars
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Drap it. Small bot can;t go too far

Posted: 2642 day(s) ago

I have driven Nano at the max 300 km in a day

Posted: 2642 day(s) ago

dear sam,
you can travel in NANO 900 Kms, there is no problem after taking a proper haults.
and dont worry, you just go and when you complete your travel please share your experience with Cartrade so the people like Mr.Dev take some lesson before write anything against the small wonder TATA NANO....Best of Luck...And always wear Seat belts....!

Posted: 2642 day(s) ago

Anil Patil
I thing go for it, this is better for TATA Company for review

Posted: 2642 day(s) ago

Jahangir Yar Khan KHAN
Royal Enfield
There is no secret that cars before being commissioned on the roads are tested under extreme conditions. If sam were to talk to the NANO engineers he would be surprised to know that it has perhaps done over 10,000 kms non stop. Making a car and launching it for indian roads is not a joke. These juvenile questions certainly are .!!!!

Posted: 2641 day(s) ago

You can use for long drives with proper halts say for 130 to 150KM once.

Posted: 2640 day(s) ago

hi i driven my nano lx bs4 to chennai to madurai (490 km)
with few halt i got mileage 20 at 100 km speed,
once i driven pondy to chennai i maintain 70 km t0 80 km with ac on , i got 23 . who are all not getting std mileage pl check u r speed and proper gear shifting

Posted: 2616 day(s) ago

hi, i have driven nano lx 775 kms in a day, with proper halts after every 125-130 kms. Since my first service was not done, i driven it to the max. Speed of 70km/hr only.

Posted: 2608 day(s) ago

drop it. don't go

Posted: 2571 day(s) ago

The TATA NANO is a small wonder. Drive from Kashmir to Kanyakumari if you want, only don't overheat the engine and don't push the car to its limits too frequently.To all my friends who say no drop it - My answer is if you can afford a bigger car go buy it,sit in it & watch the Nano glide past.Why waste your time trying to criticize the Beautiful Nano.

Posted: 2571 day(s) ago

Rohit Dharde
Hi Team,
I have NANO. Friday I drove 200 Kms (Mumbai to Nasik). Next day morning I drive 240 Kms (Nasik to Pune). The CAR drive and comfort is amazing. I got 21+ average overall. The car touched maximum 108kmph and the fuel supply is cut off automatically. I generally drove at 80 kmph.. which is the speed of average CAR. CAR Feels really good at 80.I had hallts nearly after 100kms and CAR had no problems. Infact we were 5 of us.The sitting is very confertable and I could carry 1 large 3 medium size and 2 small bags. Lot of space for luggage can be found below front SEAT. you can manage to put a medium size bag there. just thing creatively. For those who Abuse the CAR.. please have a test drive and then comment negatively. My CAR has completed 500 Kms and no problem YET. A BIG Thanks to RATAN TATA, Girish WAGH & TEAM.

RD ... U may contact me at 9920785512.

Posted: 2568 day(s) ago

Rohit Dharde
Please post it as a user review.

Posted: 2567 day(s) ago

Yes.....you can drive safely for 900km, I have driven my Nano from A'BAD TO MUMBAI 480 KM non stop halting only at petrol pumps to fill the tank as it can take only 15 liter's.

Posted: 2544 day(s) ago

Bhanu Sharma

Posted: 2524 day(s) ago

To all my NANO friends,
A child will understand taste of Chocolate & bittergourd, only after consumption. My friends (having -ve thoughts), have to read manual throughly,drive safely, service car regularly ( which is free) & then they will have taste of fuel economy.

Best luck!


Posted: 2514 day(s) ago

u can sure go for it b'coz my friend drove nano from bangalore to chennai without any halt except for petrol

Posted: 2469 day(s) ago

'after u bought the car from the day 1, it is ur car, use it wisely, no one is ready to share ur problems u have to face it by urself, so dont cross the limits'- this is the advice i got from the service engineer of tata motors?

Posted: 2447 day(s) ago

Swapnil Natu

Before starting the journey, plz check ur car thoroughly checked from Service Center, also i suggest to drive during night time so as to reduce the engine's excessive heat, which is my regular practice..! Further be careful & always keep a frequent watch behind as the rear engines get more heated up.

Wish u a safe journey..!

Swapnil Natu.

Posted: 2447 day(s) ago

Hi Guys,

I drove Nano from Madurai to Hyderabad, 990kms without any trouble. I covered this distance in 15hrs with 15 to 30minutes break for each 250kms. Do a through check-up before start your journey. My vehicle number is KA53P8884, 6years old but still making it

Posted: 406 day(s) ago

Hi Dude,

It is wonderful experience with my Nano,Lx 2011 Model. I had done my Chennai to Madurai experience. I was driven max of 100 kms speed and reached trichy with in 4 hrs.
once,I was filled tank i.e..15 ltrs plus valve pipe also filled extra 2 liters. in hosur petrol station with cost around rs.1200 and I reached Madurai without extra fuels.

Posted: 382 day(s) ago

panipat to ludhiana in nano no problem many time

Posted: 377 day(s) ago

HI ,
I had drive 400kms more than 7 times by my nano LX 2013 with small break depends starting time. Most of the time continued 250KM single stretch with 80 to 90 KMPH. It is going well only summer daytime you will feel hot. After 90 KMPH or Hill claim AC will cut off automatically.Even in Maruti Swift also faced when we cross more than 150Kmph speed. Thinking to plan trip from Bangalore to Ooty with my family on Nano Please share your experience if anyone tried that route.

Posted: 368 day(s) ago

There is a video in YouTube... Two people covered Mumbai to Delhi.... Via Jaipur.... 1410 kms... But no personal experience in nano.... But planned for it

Posted: 337 day(s) ago

I own a Nano Twist XT. It is a manual version with amazing torque in the city. After the first servicing, we drove it to Nellore from Bangalore - 400 km. 1 stop made after 100km.

Posted: 327 day(s) ago

i own twist xt 2015 model. Thirukkadaiyur to poonamallee on ECR with one single stop at pondicherry fish-o-fish for 30 minutes that is all. 3:00 PM to 9:00 pm drive. AWESOME.

Posted: 323 day(s) ago

Nano is a comfortable vehicle. I drove non stop Pune- Nagpur, 700 kms flat 12 hrs. I drove it back too after some days

Posted: 295 day(s) ago

Monoranjan Gorai
I drove Bangalore to Goa continuously with 2-3 breaks of 30 min. It was absolutely fine,

Posted: 282 day(s) ago

Hi greetings, to all as i am a car lover i am crazy on cars no worries whatever model it is, i thought when nano was release its a useless car not worth and not safe on high ways.

Posted: 223 day(s) ago

Steve again sorry there was no enough messag3 space to type. Ah about nano my impression now after testing it. A big sorry to whatever i thought its a wonderful car to have worth

Posted: 223 day(s) ago

This car is suggested by me to all that its got a space mileage what more do you expect from a affordable car its good on high ways too.

Posted: 223 day(s) ago

I love this car. Parking space less consumed this is the actual car you need to have on traffic cities easy to travel with no sunburn or gettin wet in rain you will love it too.

Posted: 223 day(s) ago

Hello Everyone,
Am planning to drive my Nano twist from kanyakumari to kashmir. Can anybody suggest how to avain sponsorship

Posted: 191 day(s) ago

Rajib Dey
Hi Friends, First Long Trip: I have gone from Bangalore to Ooty in Nano Lx 2013 model in 2016 December. We were two of us, myself and my wife. We didnt had any issues while going or coming back. It is unbelievable that, till Mysore, I got 33 kmpl mileage at 70 speed. I was amazed. Once I started climbing the mountains, the mileage came down at 12 km per lt as you have to drive mostly at 1st or 2nd gear. I have even went for all the sightseen with my Nano.
Second Long Trip: 362 km - Bangalore to Pondicherry: I went with my wife to Pondicherry on October 2017 and I didnt had a single trouble. I got a mileage of 21 km per lt with AC with 3 haults in 7 hrs.
Third Long Trip: Bangalore to Goa Upcoming: Planned on 4th Jan 2018. Will share once I comes back.
Will do a complete servicing. But in my previous 2 trips, I havent done any servicing and still I didnt faced any problems.
Overall fantastic Car.

Posted: 186 day(s) ago

I ve driven tata nano for more than 900 kms Jodhpur to Chandigarh with 5 refuel stops and an half an tea break Never had any issues while driving or post my journey
Few learning though
a Never run nano more than 80 KM per hour as you can lose control due to its
less weight Lacks highway stability
b In rainy season sometimes brakes does not work properly as the water gets
in the drums and make brake shoes less effective

Enjoy Driving

Posted: 179 day(s) ago

Satheesh PM
I have NANO LX 2012 Model. I completed Mumbai to Goa, Mumbai to Ajanta Ellora, and Mumba to Daman. Almost completed 40,000 Km

Posted: 84 day(s) ago

Gaurav Sethi
I own Twist XT 2014. Already driven more than 25000 KMS. Covered from Bangalore to Ooty twice, Pondicherry twice, Goa twice, Hyderabad once, Puttaparthi once, Kanyakumari once. No issues whatsoever. Kanyakumari trip was with just one 30 mins. break. Now planning from Bangalore to Lucknow 2000 KMS. I normally avoid night driving. So planning to cover it in 3 or 4 days. Car is awesome for those who own it. But people who have not driven it are actually not aware of its Mettle. It is a wonderful car. All depends on the driver capability either. Your driving skill matters a lot irrespective of the machine. Anybody can take Nano anywhere they like without any inhibitions.

Posted: 70 day(s) ago

Gaurav Sethi
My average speed has always been 90 or 100. The best part with this car is the auto fuel cut after 105 speed limit. This controls your drive, which is good. And 90-100 is a decent speed on the highways.

Posted: 70 day(s) ago

Manoj Bhatia
Went from Gwalior in MP to Gurgaon near Delhi 370 km in 7 hrs with 3 breaks of 15 min each went thru highways and city faced once problem when it wont crank to restart for 30 secs

Posted: 51 day(s) ago

Manoj Bhatia
Went from Gwalior in MP to Gurgaon near Delhi 370 km in 7 hrs with 3 breaks of 15 min each went thru highways and city faced once problem when it wont crank to restart for 30 secs

Posted: 51 day(s) ago

Manoj Bhatia
Went from Gwalior in MP to Gurgaon near Delhi 370 km in 7 hrs with 3 breaks of 15 min each went thru highways and city faced once problem when it wont crank to restart for 30 secs

Posted: 51 day(s) ago

Drove from Goa to trivandrum..998 km continuously with 3 halts for refill..and one for dinner.. got a milage of 28.66..never expected from nano.. really amazing..

Posted: 27 day(s) ago

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