I own a Ritz VDI My ques is tht what is the ideal gear

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I own a Ritz VDI. My ques is tht what is the ideal gear changing speed. The showroom guys told me tht I should switch to top gear at a speed of 40-50 whereas I have noticed that car runs smooth only if 5th gear is shifted after a speed of 60. Pls advise

Further, there is vibration in clutch pedal and when I halt the vehicle at traffic lights and run it again in 1st gear, it creates some sounds below the floor when 1st gear is changed. What is this problem

  • 2609 day(s) ago by Hardam Singh
Under: Maruti Ritz #Cars
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As mentioned by you can change to 5th gear at speed of 50 KMPH even running upto 60KMPH with 4th gear wont affect much.Hence you can change to 5th gear at 60KMPH as convenient.

Posted: 2609 day(s) ago

it is fine to change 4th to 5th gear in 60kmph but it should be below 2000rpm.

your problem might be because of pulling your car when already in motion in 1st gear.
if your vehicle is still in little bit motion then try pulling your car in 2nd gear by pressing the clutch halfway.

this halt should not happen if your car is standstill and then you are putting 1st gear.

refer this things to maruti care too.

Posted: 2609 day(s) ago

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